Regarding cosmetics Vs time invested

Just an interesting bit of perspective brought to you by J Sat. Check out the first 2 minutes of this video.

For those who don’t know J sat is one of the most experienced vermintide players and has close ties with the development/community team behind the game so has great insight. Amongst other things he confirms that FS ‘aren’t stupid’ and recognise that lack of cosmetics is driving a lot of their playerbase away.

He’s dedicated to the game and skillful but I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in anything he says.

When the game first dropped he made a point of pushing playing with teams and played only in teams for ages before even attempting a true solo. Almost as if he got the focus on team play memo.

Everyone starts ripping into fatshark for not playing their own game to the same expert level as the players and balancing for difficulties lower than legend. Jsat then carries a fatshark employee through a legend twitch map and makes every point about how great the player is and look how he dodged that ogre, blah blah.

Now he’s defending game features than are not only not present in the game, they are months late.

Hard to think he’s not much more than a fatshark shill at this point. An entertaining shill none the less.

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I disagree. He frequently shows disapproval of the various mechanics etc of the game

He wants a polished game as much as the next guy


Could you give any proof or at least examples like @arknox did.

Not saying you’re not right, but right now your answer sound simply like “you’re wrong”.


is definitely true, but how does defending the devs prevent the game from being polished. These things are not mutually exclusive and don’t contradict each other.

What is it with these forums and trying to discredit and misrepresent people?

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They call it logic.

By “these forums” you clearly mean me. Why not just come out with it instead of being passive aggressive.

The OP put forward an opinion that we should have hope based on the words of an independent player. Shill might be too harsh a word but I suggest, based on his behaviour over the last few months, he might not be so “independent” as we think.

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You’re right and wrong. I meant in general on the Fatshark forums, which includes you. I did come out with it. I adressed what you had done and replied to you with it.

And what difference does it make? He gave a harmless suggestion as to why certain things work the way they do. Going after his character doesn’t disprove any of that, nor does it add to the conversation.

Thanks for spelling it out so condescendingly…

A person’s affiliations / loyalties are not the same thing as their character.

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But you are framing it as part of his character.

No, but I think you are taking it that way.

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You are farming it as part of his character and then using that to dismiss his opinions. That’s exactly what


Quoting your own post, which is your opinion, on my original post proves nothing.

OP suggested jsat’s words should be listened to, I suggested taking them with a grain of salt.

He’s a funny guy, bit of a bossy dude with his team’s but knows the game inside out and is skilled. That’s his character. I’m not attacking it.

His loyalties, whether they exist or not, to fatshark are what I’m disputing and until it can be proven otherwise I would suggest forming an opinion about the future of the game from as many sources as possible, not taking the opinion of a so called independent streamer as gospel.

Not wasting my time talking to you further on this so get the last words in if you must.

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You more than suggested.

in-fact, you didn’t even address what he actually said until you were almost* finished discrediting him. On the fourth line.

Look at the expert talking about misrepresenting things :slight_smile:


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All I said was its a nice bit of perspective. Given his ties and experience level …

Since none of us are directly linked to the dev team and have no idea whats going on internally nobody else has better insight.

Did any of these character assassins actually click the link?

Also I agree that he is a bit bossy in his guided runs but that doesn’t change any of the above for me.

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Cosmetic patch gg’d the conversation. rofl

They’ve added red items to commendation chests and increased the red drop rate too. :sunglasses:

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No re?

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No re.

Already had a red from backdated commendation rewards and one from a War Camp Emp. :smiley:

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