Where is the promised content, the game is dying.

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It’s dying due to bugs, poor balance, no end game, a psychotic AI director and a loot system that painfully disrespects the players time.

A few new maps and hats ain’t gonna fix the game.



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You forgot about crafting, green dust and p2p.


just wait until the end of the month or in near it they will be working on it just gotta be patience
i still enjoy the game even if i get global by the AI spawn at points goodmemes but i have faith in them until next month or until the middle of June

I was bundling crafting in with loot. “Loot and crafting” are pretty much the same thing these days aren’t they


That’s fair. The only reason loot matters is because crafting is garbage and vice versa.

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I hope for red dust that can create red items of our choice if they refuse to remove duplicates.


No, of course they are not. Would would they have different names then?

Because in many games they are linked to each other. Why are you being so pedantic?


Cause that is important. That is important for yourself, cause you start to understand what actually concerns you atm, what your thoughts are. And that is important when interacting with other people, cause things that you say and things that you wanted to say start to match. That also helps very much for getting rid of delusions, both external and internal, and that might be even more important.

Though after spending some time on this forum, I can say, that even expressing your thoughts with absolute precision doesn’t always help. Other people still tend to interpret your words the way they want very often, so any conversation becomes very difficult.

Ah, the human condition and its imperfect ways of communication!

Let’s hope for some fixes, content and better communication by Fatshark during this month. Hope is always the last thing to lose.

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Cool, I has nothing to lose then. :smile:

At least fatshark are not Frontier developments. There is still some hope.

The Game is/was Dying for me because this low easy Map setup on Legend!

For me make the Game rly Fun again!

I reckon it’s gonna take about 3-6 months for all the major bugs to be eradicated and for some mechanics to be changed (e.g green dust). And I’m willing to wait for that time. Why? Because I’m a major Warhammer fanboy and I still have much love for Fatshark :heart:

I don’t know why but I need to put this picture here (probably cause I had too much Gin and for some reason all this reminded me of Warhammer online’s story…)

I see you’re an optimist.


Too much pessimism going around the forums these days, somebody has to be an optimist :wink:
But honestly, the game was released too soon. I think that they needed 6 more months to hammer everything out and polish it up. We will see.

You and me both. This thought seems to go around pretty frequently. Technically we’re still playing beta, I think they made the beta branch just to keep appearances.

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