Letter and plans

Guys, I Hope you are not serious about that thing in letter, that you will do about what whines soft bodied crowd and will not do any content and story update soon.

If there will be no content updates, you will lose even loyal engaged auditory left.

This game needs story. Maps. Weapons. Rebalancing. Updating. Cosmetics. Drive. Action.

If you will make me and other engaged people boil in same soup for aanother month or two, you will neve see us again in your game, we will tire and drop it forever. It is how engagement work.

Casuals who want fast progress and easy endorphine will play it anoother 2 hours and leave. Loyal auditory play now for hundreds of hours. And already tiring of same 7 maps and same idiotic quests.

anyone who knows anything about code knows they can fix the drop rates in the shop in about 2-4 hours max.


I’m not gonna say that your priorities are wrong or right or better than anyone else’s priorities. What I can say is that Fatshark have taken the development cycle to please the least amount of people in the longest amount of time.

People who want to get the best gear and tackle the hardest content will have to wait “a few months” to get proper crafting and progression and harder difficulties, maybe. People who don’t even read the stats on their weapons will have to wait even longer to get another map or weapon or class or cosmetic to play with.

And stuff that EVERYONE cares about like balance, mission select, and the overall gameplay loop is in the Fatshark dev pit with everyone else. Like RATSHARK said, some of this stuff should be as simple as changing some integers. But right now nobody is getting anything they want for “a few months”.

Weep, rejects! Weep!

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I don’t know why people blew up over them trying to remove crafting mats for losing (and instead making it so you just lose like 50%+) but were completely fine with them nerfing the item quality in the armory.

I dunno about that. For me, the armoury as a concept is so utter sh-te that it almost doesn’t matter. It needs to go, it can’t be the ‘progression’ for this game to rely on a f-cking timed vendor. I think people have been focusing more on the system itself being beyond bad, rather than the exact quality of RNG it spits out.

That being said, I did elsewhere tell them that while we wait for crafting, something very easy they could do, among other things, would be increasing the rating (and quality) of items in both RNG shops.

Yeah the RNG is a bad concept and then they nerfed your lottery tickets. Its just easier to hope for them to assuage that then completely gut the system short term. Especially with the commitment to not really overhauling anything in the short term.

Particularly with curios, if they had purple ones in the armory it would be so much less obnoxious to play. While they fix their game.


RNG in items is good. RNG is getting good setup of blessings and stats is good. Unability to replace all stats on weapon with crafting is good.
This makes every item uniqe and valuable despite how unperfect is is.

In actuality, it makes about 99% of all items lack any value.


How is imperfect gear any more valuable than perfect gear was? It sure makes them unique, one may have 10 more reserve ammo than another, riveting progression.

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you really not understand?

In VT2 with it’s craftig system you can open 100 precious legend emperors boxes and guarantee all contents go to scrap.

Here items itself have matter.

Gratulations. You are unique. You are the only person who likes the rng system.

using threats in an argument, that how you convince people

Not when most of them are still worse than what you have, you just sell most of the emperors gifts for dockets and don’t buy most of the ones in the stores, it’s not any better.

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When you get new item that you think worth stay and use, you get item. Not a dust. not a materials, not a loads of boxes. IIt has it’s identity and uniqeness.

Looks like yoou people not value items in real world also. You prefer maybe food concentrate instead of lovely cooked dishes.

This is possibly the most nonsensical, rambling point I have ever seen on this forum. I don’t know how to address anything you’re saying logically because there is no logic attached to it, but I will try.

If someone gets a new item that is worth using in Vermintide, of course they will use it. If it’s worse than what they already have, they’ll get rid of it. How is that different from Darktide?

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RWM movement is born. rng weapons matter!

Difference is that you cannot make red item perfect meta maximum stats for 10 clicks.
Every weapon has it’s flaws, unperfectness. Like things in real world. And this is beautiful.

no, it means you can’t get specific stats to play specific builds and thus it undermines the whole talent system and t5 difficulty.

But t5 difficulty requires no extra specific builds to finish it. It is not that hard.

I never said t5 was hard. I said lack of crafting undermines the whole talent system, builds and thus t5 play.

my group, which does modded v2, and hyper twitch as well got very bored with the lack of style available in t5.

we stopped playing because nothing is ever different, and you have next to zero options to take in meaningful builds that work together differently.

I’m not surprised if this is over your head, but a lot of players care about this even if you don’t.