Dont delay cosmetics

Its not like they are not going to milk the living DLC out of any additional classes etc… see VT.

What “many games” are at the scale of Darktide that don’t have any monetization and get supported for years?

In an age where PC games are $70, they did price is appropriately. $40 is a night out with a friend. And you didn’t answer my question. Is Vermintide 2 still supported today without any DLC?

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If darktide wants to be a live service game it should be free, and then have people buy microtransactions, like every other live service does

Scale of Darktide? Excuse, that means what? 5 maps, no endgame, 4 classes?

Becasue at that scale I can’t think of any games as I prefer ones that have bigger scale than that.

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Not only should they delay them. They should stop selling them given the fact that every one of the items suffers from clipping issues and there’s no way to detect that until it’s too late.

This is coming from someone who owns the Imperial Edition and has spent money on the cosmetics.

That crap needs to be fixed like the rest of the game.

Live service is not the same as free to play and there’s no requirement that it has to be either or. Games get released and then DLC drops to supplement additional content in the future. That’s been an industry standard for over a decade now. Free to play games require a huge financial investment up front to build a game and then hope that enough people play it AND buy stuff to make a profit. FS doesn’t do free to play, so there’s no reason to have expected them to start with DT.

And by your avoidance with answering my question about Vermintide 2 still being supported, I’ll assume you agree that it wouldn’t still be supported without money from DLC. That’s how gaming works these days. People buying DLC and cosmetics subsidize the game for people who choose not to, which is fine. What I don’t care for is people that buy cosmetic being demonized when they’re the ones helping to fund future content.

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i didnt say that, majority of live service games of late are free 2 play with micros fueling the fire.

DT doesnt even feel like a LS game and with no content to look forward to makes me question why its even being called one. The shop just looks greedy

to all the people here knowing what i am and where i get my fun from.
simgleparent male nurse playing games since 1985 willing to spend 5 bucks for goggles and a black hood.
Thanks for showing off.

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Well, I suppose I was mistaken. It does apparently annoy some people that players might be willing to spend a few bucks on cosmetics. You can’t even suggest that Fatshark should simply release cosmetics that have already been made before the ad hominems start flying.

Good grief.


Becasue supporting financially a broken, unfinished mess of a released games will only lead to more such games being released in that shameful state since if players do throw money on such shait, why bother making complete product? Not to mention agreeding passively to premium currency and FOMO practices since money speaks the most to suits.

I am all for supporting developers with cosmetic MTX. When they deserve it for the quality of product they delivered. I bought after Chaos Wastes literally every single cosmetic in Vermintide 2 casue game was in good shape and state and I wanted to show them that this is the way. I bought every single DLC cosmetic in DRG, or in Borderlands 2 and many other games that were completed, finished, good products.

I won’t tell anyone where to spend their money but I will tell my opinion when I think those money will cause harm to bigger picture in the long run.


you are ot with slightly getting personal posting pictures and value my person or what i have fun with knowing nothing and venting your frustration, all fine, but please lets stay on topic.
Stop negativity bias and if you wheigh things up and dislike it, play VT2 or whatever you want, no need to getting personal or complain nonstop.

In the 3rd reply i even stated what a good comppromise is with having ingame earnable cosmetics for a monthly contract or more penances and selling full sets in the MTX shop.

I’m playing on a 3aear old rig, cannot affor a high end grafics card and buy hardware new like every 5 or 6 years only, but i’m willing to spend 5-10 dollars for some fluff in games i play a lot.

It’s called “Forum”. I will complain and be negative if I need to be and I will gladly be positive once there will be something to be positive about. Besides it’s you who went personal first with “single parent nurse playing since 1985” etc. Also I was nice enough to tell you why I think spending $ on cosmetics on this game in its current state is bad idea, it’s forum, people share different opinions. You will do what you think is best for you, not my money. I wrote my arguments why I think it’s bad idea, I didn’t insult you personally or anything.

And don’t go on me with 3 year old rig. I have 5 year old rig, I also change RIG every 5-6 years mostly becasue new games are dog shait so why even bother upgrading. But I have no idea how that is relevant to discussion when you are upgrading your hardware… like if you upgraded every 1 year suddenly your opinion would be more or less valuable or something?

Support the games all you want, but if you post about it on Forums, expect people to tell you what they think about it. If you don’t want to hear other people opinions about your opinions: don’t write stuff on forums…

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Then do that. But the moment you post personal attacks (or memes that effectively amount to it) is the moment I tell you to go fly a kite.

That aside, if you want to have a conversation about when it is appropriate to invest further in a game that is incomplete, we can do that. For me, that’s essentially a conversation about good faith. You can make the argument that Fatshark is acting in bad faith if you wish. I’m not inclined to agree, but your mileage may vary.

I also doubt other developers will look at Fatshark’s release of Darktide as an example to follow, given the immense backlash it received - cosmetics or no.


You think memes are personal attacks :smiley: ? Ok, well, sorry you are so fragile, but I should have expected that nowadays. My apologize for posting memes, I tend to have distance to myself and move around peple with simillar distance, though I see it’s an forgotten art today.

If I posted some kind of cheapskate meme for people who refused to ever buy cosmetics or DLC, do you think people would consider that harmless?

  • Players: “Choice overload doesn’t exist.”
  • Reality: “But…it does though. Your scientists discovered it. Businesses have known about it for years. It’s a real thing!”
  • Player: “I don’t think I like your attitude, Reality.” [brandishes lasgun menacingly.]
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Depends if it’s good meme :slight_smile:

I actually like some of the cosmetics and would like new ones.

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I would rather have the seasonal content updates that were promised than fortnite camo reskins of the same weapon cosmetics.

Memes are communicating with pictures, often instead of words. What they communicate is anything - in this case, clearly calling someone a whale.

I love memes, and laughed, but it’s disingenuous for you to pretend it wasn’t a poke at the OP.

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