Dont delay cosmetics

Memes are communicating with pictures, often instead of words. What they communicate is anything - in this case, clearly calling someone a whale.

I love memes, and laughed, but it’s disingenuous for you to pretend it wasn’t a poke at the OP.

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If people want to spend their money on whatever they like they should be able to I think.

I don’t like the cosmetic shop but as I’m a grown up with willpower I just cruise on by. Not that the game’s installed but you get the idea.

Having the cosmetic shop running and updating though would really be poking the bear with an enormous stick considering the current mindset of the majority of the community.

:clown_face: :clown_face:

Live service games are a lot of fun and keep you playing for years if done right. Its the right decision but it only work’s if your base game is finished and you can spend all the dev time on the new live service content.

Funny. The cash shop pausing is specifically because they dont want to waste FOMO with a rotating shop when nobody is playing the game to see the shop.

I can FEEL the Zawa from reading this opening statement: