Okri's Weapon Challenges

As much as I enjoy the new Okri’s challenges, and have completed most of them by now. I do feel that the rewards are a bit… lackluster (boxes aren’t interesting).

However I do feel there’s certainly some interesting potential here. So I would like to suggest that it could be use to gain items of veteran (red) quality, with some effort of course.

I would suggest that new challenges be added. One for each weapon for each class. They could be something along the lines of;
Deal X damage with this weapon on Champion or above
Slay X enemies with this weapon on Champion or above
Slay X elites with this weapon on Champion or above
Complete X maps with this weapon equipped on Champion or above

Or perhaps something else entirely.
However, the reward for doing this would be an entirely unique Veteran item (purple?) of the same weapon type as the achievement. so if you did the Mace achievement, you would get a veteran mace, for example.

Not only would this alleviate some of the concerns about lack of endgame content and things to strive for, it would also alleviate the duplicate reds problem by giving you a chance to work towards the item you want.
I would recommend that these goals be set pretty high. Kind of like the cosmetic helmets that require 100 champion maps done, for example. Sure, that would be a bit of a grind, but it would also make sure that you actually learn the weapon properly, and can display said knowledge by equipping a fancy unique item that you can only get by doing these challenges.

And to that end, I’d also love to see these weapons truly be unique. Not just a glowing version of an already existing illusion.
Each weapon should have a unique model.
And preferably, each character would have a different coloured glow on these items in particular. Kerillians for example would likely be a light green. Kruber’s could be purple, Bardins could be a deep blue, Saltzpyre’s could be orange or yellow and Sienna’s could be red (though red might have problems contrasting against her already burning visage… In either case these are just examples.)

If unique colours for each character isn’t possible (it should be, recolouring isn’t a big thing to do on textures.) I would at the very least like to see a different colour on these items as compared to “normal” reds. to distinguish them a bit further.

Now considering that this would require quite a bit of work from the art team (designing one new weapon of each class, that looks appropriately awesome for the role). I wouldn’t be surprised if this is more of a long term thing down the line. I’d rather see it as such, than have you just implement this system and apply the currently available reds for it to be honest…


Weapons are one of Vermintide 2’s malignant sore spots, one of the biggest next to Hero Power. Until they all get buffed to a usable level and all the kinks are worked out, a lot of which have been in since CBT, this can’t work. Some weapons make you a serious liability to the team, and until that is dealt with I won’t agree with this idea.

Not denying that a lot of the weapons across the board need balancing to make them usable, but that concept and this idea are not mutually exclusive. ^^ Both are long-term things, to be fair.

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