Weave Completion Rewards

Maybe instead of commendation chest as a reward you could get the weave weapons as skins to use in normal matches.


I definitely hope they are planning on adding them as illusions. All I want is my Liebenstein rapier with a little extra bling and off hand pistol illusion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also illusions for the new weapons.


Its never good to add some cosmetic which will suppass all other cosmetics, behind beauty must stand rarity.

Perhaps rewards for top weave players each season then?

The current rewards for grinding the game are very lackluster. Yes I understand if everyone has a weave illusion it’s not as rare and cool, but I doubt many people will ever complete 600 weaves, so why not reward those that do?

I will enjoy it enough for its beauty

If rarity is what you’re looking for then they can simply recolor it

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There should be a unique cosmetic set (weapon skin, armour skin, hat, frame) for each, let’s call it “completed weave tier” like it is now with those frames. Basically a buch of cosmetic rewards every time you complete a weave set between X-X weave lvl.

Exclusive Top weave player rewards may get kinda discouraging for those who want to play weaves and get some nice things, but don’t want to grind it like an e-sport. This way, you don’t have to be a pro-vet XXX 360noscope player to be able to obtain nice looking stuff. Sure, you may not get “as cool” or “as unique looking” weapon/armour skins as those who are among the “top tier” but you will have some motivation/goal and reward for your effort.

That being said, FS should not limit new cosmetics only to weave seasonal progression. I think they really need to add new Okri challenges (some of them shor-term, some of them long-term) with cosmetic rewards. Something that will give players a “goal to strive for” while they play. Someting like the current “complete all missions on X difficulty with a hero to unlock this skin” but of course more interesting and engaging.


agreed, give us something to grind for, otherwise most people will stop playing, i think its thats simple.

I like the expansion and how it takes some skill on veteran, but i have all skins in the game soon, so its they need to add more “quests” again short term and long term.

Kill some boss 100x on veteran = cool skin etc, (how long does it take to make a skin?) Its a bit mistake not to add this after so long when most good players have every skin and frame in the game…

Also agree that top players shouldn’t have unique stuff. They already have the leaderboard, do not make cosmetics exclusives.



Great input.

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