Weaves rewards

Greetings evreyone, I just wanted to address an issue regarding the state of weaves, and that’s the lack of any true incentive to play them. At the moment, the only true reward is a couple of frames. That’s not a good selling point for your dlc.
What I suggest, is rewarding the player with the unique weave skins to use in the “normal” game mode. After 50 victories with a specific character, all of their weave weapons’ skins are unlocked. After 100 victories, the unique armor is unlocked.
In my opinion, these types of rewards will make weaves way, way more played, as cosmetics are always a welcome incentive for the playerbase.

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Or just add one more “unlock” at the weapon that unlocks when it is maxed out to get the skin outside of weaves, can be a level 31 unlock at the cost of 10 000 essence or something like that.

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Sounds really cool, they should definitely think about some kind of reward system like this.

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I’m not a fan of adding the “weave-forged” weapons to the base game but I like the idea of having some special armor/clothes (even if it’s only for 1 character or class per season, atleast it would be smth.) as a reward or just some decor/medals you can add to the existing clothing (like the amulets in V1), atleast smth that feels a little valuable.

But honestly, the DLC is sold already to most of the player base and I rly doubt we’ll get anything but recolours of the current season’s frame for the next seasons. I mean, it’s already just a white version of the pink one :upside_down_face: but atleast it’s not only a Commendation Chest.

the frames this season look like cum