Give us the weave ilusions if we complete weaves on x high difficulty

As it stands I have absolutely 0 incentive to play weaves. Giving us the skins would at leas act as SOME form of incentive ant they’re just skins, they don’t make the DLC pay to win; it wouldn’t be any different from me buying the hero skin packs.

On that note… FFS, please add some glowy bits to some of the blue and gold weapon skins and make them reds… some of the reds are atrocioious (i.e. krubers x and shield)


Weaves need an overhaul to begin with. The success of CW (especially in comparison to weaves) proves that people go where people ARE, and hundreds of people are playing CW because it’s fun and the loot is good.

Weaves have been hobbled by the leaderboards from the start. The idea that it’s supposed to be “competitive” locks out practically all casual players who are just here to have fun. Only a tiny fraction of the community even has friends to play weaves with and the rest of them hardly want to true solo 120 maps. They later added the ability to do quickplay weaves but they don’t count towards the weave achievements and have sucky loot, hence no one does that either.

It wouldn’t take much to reverse this situation. Make leaderboards OPT-IN instead of the default. Let people play as they want, with bots or otherwise. Reverse the time gating for weave season achievement and just let people earn everything at their own pace. Give us good loot ala CW and the ability to unlock weave skins through strenuous effort. It wouldn’t take much.

At the VERY least they could add an upgrade-all button so that I could spend my 180k souls without having to click thirty times for each weapon and other carpal tunnel inducing grind.

While I like your ideas, none of that would change the main reason no one plays weaves: nothing you earn in Weaves carries over to the main game. How they could design all those cool weapon skins and then have no way to use them in the rest of the game is truly one of the most baffling things I’ve ever seen.

I completely agree with this. Weave at the moment is more or less dead content and it wasnt successful when it launched as well. Bad rewards with only low quality chests, unbalanced modifiers on maps (some combinations are way too hard) and the missing ability to play ranked weave mode with bots made the playerbase extremely thin. And the less people play a mode which requires other persons to play, the less persons join the mode.

Making weaves a viable game mode again wouldnt take much:

  1. Allow bots for ranked (FS: disable leader board if bots activated if you care so much about that feature, but I guarantee you 99% of the players dont care about it).
  2. Balance some modifiers (spirits deal way too much damage i.e.)
  3. Distribute loot dices on map to incentive map exploration and make monsters in weave also drop them to allow for higher quality chests as reward
  4. Give the weave weapon skins as rewards as suggested, linked to challenges. Its a shame no one can enjoy the best looking weapon skins of the game since no one is playing weaves…
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It would also help if they just made them free to play rather than requiring Winds of Magic to play them. Not sure why they thought limiting the playerbase only to those who bought WoM was going to work.

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