Suggestion: Weave Value - add Loot Die? cosmetics unlocks?

So I’ve been running Weaves (after years to find folke to play it with, as it’s made for… and in spite it feeling overshadowed by Chaos Wastes) and after getting Weave level 800+ in terms of exposure, can’t help but feel:

  1. Chest Rewards are meaningless as it’s guaranteed common, or Merchant grade at BEST
    → My suggestion for this is, as Tomes/Grims are out of the question, at LEAST allow Loot Die to drop. This way by killing the (generally incredible) amount fo mosnters that spawn during a weave, you at least have some chance/RNG and some reward for taking on those bosses to improve your loot roll at the end and MAYBE (if you’ve extremely dilligent) get yourself a generals, or emperors chest.

Point is we need “A” chance, and a method, to get a chest beyond Commoner otherwise once we max up a set of gear, amulet and pot to lvl 30, there is basically no value ro point to play weaves further (except for going down the ranked chain, which frankly starts too easy, and having no extra bot to fill in our last spot, so we got bored of it and play quickplay where we can set our difficulty)

  1. [probably hear this a lot] How do we get the weapon skins for regular campaign mode?
    → maybe something as simple as unlocking a weapon (seeing it’s a paid DLC content) grants the skin for use. … more complex maybe getting a weapon to lvl30 then unlocking it.

I think this topic has been dragged on before, and addressed in some respect so I won’t go much futher…

Anyways, LOOT DIE please, let us have some value to the fun and challenge that weaves offer other than shreds of XP, occasional commendation chests and worthless commoner chests.

Comment if you agree (or not!)