Weave Skins as unlocks

Weaves currently have no rewards outside of border frames. It also appears that will not be red skins for the new weapons.

I would suggest having the new weave weapon skins be unlocks or season rewards for players, or maybe be a part of Lohners Emporium. This would help remedy both of these issues. All the new skins look very cool, and it must have taken a lot of work to do one for each weapon. Please allow us to use these skins in the adventure game modes.

Fatshark, I hope you see this, I have already bought the expansion and am enjoying it, but getting access to these skins in a more permanent way, would go a long way towards the value of the expansion!

Thanks for reading.


Yeah, I’d love to be able to earn the weave weapon skins outside of weaves as well, they’re the best looking ones by far. Maybe as a reward for levelling the weapon to max level? Or be able to pick one for completing a certain number of weaves? Unlock it with essence instead of leveling stuff?

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Martin (Fatshark CEO) said on stream this is something that might be coming with season 2, no details though.

Would be great if they did this, the weave skins are absolutely stunning.

Adding link in case anyone’s interested

1:18 ceo starts talking about game design 1:21:35 he makes the statement about emporium.

This game mode will be dead in 2 weeks and he dreaming about season 2 lol
Besides, what should he do other than promise literally everything to rescue this crap called “expansion”


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