Its gonna be another one of these about Weaves

Give us Weave skins and weapon illusions outside of the Weaves. What a simple yet good feature to add… i come back 6 months and still its the same bs.

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I hope the weave skins would be somehow tied into the Weaves themself.
I, personally, really need a reason to get into them and portrait frames just don’t cut it…

They had a couple appear by mistake in Lohner’s emporium. Then they said it was a mistake and they should be avaliable at some time which is another line as old as time.

Weave forged flails, rapiers, Brett longswords, flame swords and many others weep in the corner.

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thats so stupid. it doesnt change anything but give us cool visuals.

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Well this has been asked since weaves came out and yet here we are still.

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The weave skin for the glaive and bret sword and board appeared in the emporium on Jan 10th. There was a store thumbnail for the glaive but not BLS&S. Both weapons could be viewed up close in the emporium and rotated. The fact that there are emporium assets for these weapons gives me hope that they will be available soon.

In her message saying that it was a ‘mistake’, Aqshy said that there would be an announcement of some kind within 2 weeks; so, hopefully we get at least the skins in the emporium soon.

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