Chaos Wastes Relic weapon skins

To be honest, I was really disappointed to see that once again, we got some nice new skins that are exclusive to a separate game mode. I am of course talking about skins for the Forgotten Relics DLC weapons you get when you RNG-roll or upgrade these weapons in Chaos Wastes Expeditions.

I seems really strange to me, that you go all this way to design and create a brand new weapon skin only for it to be available temporarily in the new mode. Not to mention that this had happened before. Yes… the Weave-Forged weapons also are exclusive to the Weave-mode and people have been asking for these skins to be made available since the launch of Winds of Magic (and FS said themselves that they will look into it).

So here we are, almost two years later and what do we get? More mode-exclusive skins with the long-requested Weave-forged skins still somewhere in the void.

It all seems very strange to me. You guys at Fatshark know that people would love to get their hands on those weave-forged skins, yet you still refuse to give us a way to unlock them so they are just rotting away in that barely played mode (not to mention that the new DLC weapons also got their new weave-forged skin).

Can you imagine how cool of a reward these skins would be at the end of Citadel of Eternity? Instead you get… emperor vaults? Or make them a challenge unlock. Same goes for Weave-forged weapons.

I really don’t get it. It feels so obvious and easily done that I guess there has to be some reason why Fatshark has not done this yet. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, I really like the CW expansion and I admire that it is a FLC. I just wish I could get a dev to answer this question because obviously there has to be some reasoning behind such a decision.

I am worried that these new skins will once again remain locked and forgotten just like the weave-forges. What a waste.


They will be made available game-wide. They didn’t have the time to fully implement them yet.

That’s a quote from Hedge. The message has been floating about Steam/reddit.

How old is that info? I don’t really read steam or reddit. As far as I know there has been no statement made about this on the official forum.

It’s from a couple of days ago. Tuesday or Wednesday. There’s also this link with a saved screenshot of it, but not sure if it will render well on this board:

Cheers for the info.

It’s something that annoys me too. Today I’ve played GK in Chaos Wastes and rolled Purple Illusion for Bretonnian Sword and Shield… Engineer got purple illusions with cosmetic upgrade, why GK didn’t since its something that u guys made and its already in the game? Also in steam store page for Forgotten Relics DLC there are weave style illusions showed in screenshots for new weapons, they are not the same skins used in weaves cuz they differ. They just use the same style. We were suppost to get this instantly upon purchase to use in normal game. I asked on stream and made forum post. Got 3 times same answer. We were suppost to get them and they will investigate why we didn’t. Still missing those… Not sure whats goin on here, I’m honestly lost.

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