Unique weapon skins in chaos wastes?

So I got the new Spear and Shield to unique quality in a Chaos Wastes run and was quite surprised to see that it actually has a unique skin. And quite a cool looking one, I would say!

shield 1
shield 2

Can I please get this one for adventure mode also? The current unique skin is just the basic spear with some glowing runes slapped onto and a completely basic shield. This one has a unique design on the weapon AND the shield! Please, Fatshark? You´re kinda behind on cosmetics anway, so if you already got them made why hide them in just one game mode?

Question to all the other players: Did you find more unique weapon skins in chaos wastes? Would be really interested to see them!


Every weapon from Forgotten Relics pack have one more red skin that exclusive for Chaos Wastes. And that’s very disappointing :disappointed:

Cool! Where can I look these up?

In the game :laughing:

That actually makes me want it; unlike the red illusion that came with the pack that has the default battered shield.

Even more dissapointing than getting a red rapier on Salty and seeing the default pistol skin that it pairs with. :sob:

Absolutely! Plus, I definitely need this illusion of spear and shield with a Fish :fish: in version without a glowing. I need it for role-playing reason.

Where can I look these up?

As if the illusions of the FR DLC of the Chaos Wastes and Weaves are the same, isn’t it? The only difference is the color of the glow.

Actually, when I got Spear and Shield to orange instead of red in Chaos Wastes, it was that exact Illusion (so same as the red one, but without the glow). So, yeah, please make it available!

As a fan of more down to earth designs (on the non-magical chrackters at least) I´m absolutely with you on also wanting the non-glowy version.
While the color scheme blue clashes heavily with my outfits, I do really like the motive of the Anglerfish. Is that fish somehow icanic to Stirland? As that province´s name is written underneath it. I thought Stirlands colors were yellow and green?

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Oh, but weaves is a neat way to look up the other illusions for the new weapon. I gotta check them out.

The answer is in the book “Uniforms and Heraldry of the Empire”.

P.S. About illusions in the game.
I believe that there should be the system for all weapons. Each weapon must have a minimum set of illusions, just like as weapons from Outcast Engineer DLC:

  • 2 glow blue illusions.
  • 1 glow purple illusion.
  • non-glow versions illusions, the more the better.
  • in ideal world, orange glow ‘Weaves’ illusions should be available in normal game mode.

Dreams of a day there is a blue glow Rapier illusion where the pistol isn’t the default skin

Probably the first time I’ve intentionally hidden a blue glow in favour of a lower tier skin.

Back on topic though, I do hope we see a way to unlock those skins for regular gameplay (same for weaves, maybe we’ll finally see those added one day).

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