Did we get even more CW-only weapon skins?

I don’t recall ever seeing this one before.



yeah its an even more annoying thing that they put them in there only for one random run. Infuriating that we can’t just have weapon skins in campaign.


Yep they have another set of skins for each of the weapons except the coruscation staff that only appear here. Joy

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I don’t understand this… why not put it in Lohner’s emporium so that there’s at least something new in stock.


That skin looks absolutely awesome. I saw on Reddit a couple posts showing Moonfire and Trollhammer, and they looked magnificent too. Why are they Chaos Wastes exclusive? Makes no sense.


Also it is kinda sad that when somebody finally takes some time to create a couple of weapon skins, they remain locked away in a “temporary game mode”. Seems wasteful.


What the hell that looks awesome!

@Fatshark_Hedge These would be awesome additions to Lohner’s Emporium which, let’s be honest, could use the boost. I don’t really understand what’s gained by locking them away in Chaos Wastes as a random treat. Looking at the rest of this thread I’m definitely not alone.

Please please please put all the CW skins in LE. It would be a big deal for a lot of people like me that would pull us back into the game again.

Edit: Realised it came across way more aggressive than intended upon rereading so have changed sections to better match the tone I intended. Sorry if I came across as rude, Hedge.


Adding my voice to those wanting these in the emporium.

That shield looks incredible - and it’d be the first to partly fit huntsman’s red champ skin. It’d go well with the black leg skin too.


So I see this issue has blown up on the Reddit now too. I understand FS’s desire to lock special treats in CWs, but at some point they really need to realise that sort of thing is a luxury they could only afford if the shilling cosmetic economy wasn’t completely botched and highly disappointing.

Literally nobody likes illusions locked to CW, just like nobody liked weave locked illusions.

@FatsharkJulia I guess I will keep tagging devs till we get a response on this. I think there’s very close to a consensus amongst the community that locking the game’s sparse collection of cosmetics behind a specific mode and RNG is a no go.

Will you guys rectify this, and if not surely we can at least get an explanation.


I’ll add my voice to those suggesting these news skins be added to Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders. I’ll go further and suggest also adding the purple version of Bretonnian Longsword (The Banishing Blade) and Bretonnian Sword and Shield.


Anything more accessible than “not at all” is fine by me at this point.

Putting them in the Emporium is a quick and easy solution, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a 2000+ Schilling pricetag then. Wouldn’t be the first time.
I wouldn’t mind putting them behind gameplay challenges like finishing expeditions with a particular weapon type equipped.


From the latest announcement:

New Illusions!
Some of you may have noticed that some new Forgotten Relic weapon skins have been showing up from Chaos Wastes weapon shrines. We’re glad you like them as much as we do, and they will be available to owners of the Forgotten Relics DLC in the next major content update and will be found in your player inventory when that update arrives.

Also, next major update? Sounds like Saltz’s 4th career soon ^^


Just read that! Excellent news, though I still think it’s kinda odd LE isn’t getting used for this kind of stuff.

Really really glad they’re not gonna keep them locked in CWs though, and in general getting this communication in a fairly timely matter is very nice.


Yeah, that or use these as rewards for new challenges.

Still wish there was some way to get the weave skins in campaign.


Small and tasty :joy:

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