Please let us use weave weapon skins in normal missions

Dear Fatshark,

For the love of Sigmar, please let us unlock the ability to use weave weapon skins in normal missions.

They are the best looking weapons in the game, and I never get to use them because I don’t really care for weaves mode.

I bought all the DLCs, hundreds of hours like many here, and these weapon skins are the only thing I want to have in normal mode.

Please…like, seriously please.


I like the weaves exclusivity

I honestly don’t understand why weaves are so exclusive I mean they could have had cosmetics to accompany the dlc to prompt people to play it for rewards. It is quite simple to add quests to the game why not have us work for some sweet cosmetics!

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I understand the weaves exclusivity, but I also like the idea of being able to unlock the weapons for normal play as a reward.

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