Weave Rewards

Why bother playing weaves if there is no reward for doing so?

I don’t have a pre made to push high weaves so I can get a leader board spot, so what’s the point?

A commendation chest from completing 600 weaves?

(This isn’t a post to passive aggressively trash talk the devs, I legitimately don’t know why I should ever touch weaves.)

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Big reason why i don’t currently play weaves, will only do them eventually to unlock portrait frames, could care less about commendation chests, thathave 0.2%(guess) to drop hats or anykind of red.

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I was so excited for weaves because I thought it would add so much replay value to the game, and give me something to constantly play. Playing Legend to farm for red weapons I’m missing feels like a better use of my time in game right now which is sad.

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Even better, the few things you DO get (essence, upgrades in the weaves themselves) will get reset to zero every season!

I love everything about it!!! :lying_face:


You can unlock all the colorful frames from easy ones over one weekend and then either you get group or that’s it for weaves.

Oh, no… zero replayability basically.


Generaly people will always tryhard on somehting if there is reward they consider worthly.

I think FS developed nice content but failed to gief people carrot on stick to play that content, lets analyze:

Weaves - Awesome maps, awesome concept - small rewards, somewhat hard to find people to play with (they need to work on it)
Cataclysm - alot of trouble for legend chest, only portaits are nice
Deeds - Awesome stuff but I always must use vile Skaven tactic to lure people to play deeds, like host Legend quickplay, then cancel portal after people join, then ask “wanna go deeds” deeds need its own LFM system
Events - nice and intresting, but rewards is only personal satisfaction that you done and other reward is same as doing regular map, shoudnt be since events are harder.

Overall: FS need to support thier content with carrot on stick: cosmetics, portaits, jackets, hats. but currently there is only character portaits frames, which is not enough to fuel people desire to do the content, this is specialy reffered to hard content, which dont offer rewards proportional to difficulty.


I agree. So what part of the game should reward players by unlocking a new skink party member, because that’s clearly what we’re all wondering.

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Yea , this is super obvious major failure, which they for some reason can’t understand, even tho kinda every other great game has this system. (proper reward to difficulty ratio)

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