Why don't you make weaves the Deed rework?

Honestly you invented a new game mode with no rewards that supposed to challenge players when the current ingame mode for challenging players was broken. It honestly baffles my mind that this was not the plan from the beginning. You know allow people to pick a weave map,wind,difficulty and deed type modifiers that all affect the rewards a player can get. You just gave people a reason to play weaves and you fixed the deed system.


Weaves problem isn’t the lack of reward (though that certainly doesn’t hurt).
It’s more that it’s just simply impossible to get quick games into them. They might as well be considered a near solo experience once you get into the higher numbers.

Weaves are a unique feature that could stand alone much like how deeds could. All they have to do is tweak or learn from this current experience to improve on either. As for Deeds exclusively, I think it’s better for that rework to happen over a period of time after they fix a lot of the other miscellaneous whatnot.

Back to the main point. Weaves could reward guaranteed reds and people still would have problems with either queueing into them or queueing into regular games. Because they’re basically two independent systems vying for that quickplay slot.

Don’t forget, you can’t play the weaves with friends unless all of them bought the (20$) dlc.

Also, there is too many of them

Why make weaves a part of the main game?

We dumb players don’t know what we want.

Luckily fatshark has a bunch of “elitists” they can rely upon for feedback and pander and to by creating content like WoM, the “expansion” it is.

Aren’t you grateful that Fatshark is introducing competition into a what is supposed to be a cooperative environment? :slight_smile: Its not like green circles were bad already. No siree.

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