Bit confused , weave , seasons?

dont quite get what the hook is , is it just for those that enjoyed leveling and have a pre made group?

seems to be impossible to MM into once your above level 7 or so and there doesnt appear to be any carry over? like those red coloured illuions we dont get them?

not quite sure i am getting the full picture here

No, you’ve got it right, that’s pretty much it.

I’m a casual player so take what I say with that in mind.

Very sad to see, contrary to what I first thought, about the Weaves does not fit me at all. Now I play as much solo as quick play with random groups, and even less with friends when our schedules work to play together. And I do love some achivements hunting.

I think I would be much more interested in challenging myself with Weaves if I could play with bots and essentially go more for achivement hunts than for some competitive list. Yes, many may think that playing only with bots and not real people is not the game, but me and a friend or two with the rest of the team filled out with bots works wonders for me.

I don’t think that this will have much of an impact but I felt that I should say this for the record so that my opinion is out.

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