So is anyone else still mad about the WoM illusions?

Pretty much title. We basically pre-ordered the illusions with the DLC (not that the months of waiting for the illusions was indicated up front). Finally, after a ridiculous amount of time we actually get the illusions we’ve been out of pocket for and they’re literally the base weapon with some blue glowy bits slapped on…

Even if BtU hadn’t already set a way higher bar than this, it would be shoddy work. There are perfectly good orange illusions to base the red one on, dear god why would you pick the base model to turn into the red one? It defies reason.

Some will probably see this as a weird part of that DLC to take particular objection to, but I legitimately feel like I’ve been a bit swindled here. I paid for something and did not get what was advertised till months later, then when it arrived it was the laziest, weakest cosmetic design imaginable.

I can’t be the only one still mad about this right?


I agree with you it’s a lame decision, but not as lame as the purple skins. It didn’t make me happy, but there are worse offenders around.

Personally I’m baffled by all the work that’ll go into weaves each season. At least Drachenfel was a good map pack - boss phase 3 aside


Why not?
The base models are great.

They’re nice, clean, basic designs, which is fine. Doesn’t feel appropriate for the highest rarity of skin though. Generally the orange skins are more ornate and interesting, which seems much more fitting to give the glowy rune treatment.

Obviously I’d prefer entirely unique skins for the red illusion, but I mean if you honestly like basic skins best you do you I guess.


The throwing axes look battered like hell, the spear looks extremely basic, spear & shield is ‘fine’ I guess, flail is fine, and billhook looks again extremely basic, in comparison with the much better looking orange billhook skin, the orange throwing axes with that nice sapphire in there, the better looking spear & shield, and the better looking tuskgor spear.


Yes, I like basic. :slight_smile: So I’m quite happy we finally got some glowy basic skins.
I’m with you on the throwing axe though. The orange skin would have been better for that one.


Eh. Not a fan of glowy anyways. Even though I have unlocked all the red skins all my WoM weps have the orange skins.
In fact almost all of my reds have non glowy skins.

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The red skins are really underwhelming. Like i don’t want to have my entire weapon to glow, but they could of implemented it in a much better way, instead of glowing 1 pixel on some weapons.

I mostly am a fan of simple skins, like for example i like to use default or close to default halberd skin. Idk if they can’t make new illusions because of lore reasons, or what their thought process was, but maybe they thought orange should get an illusion and no glow and red only glow, but it so underwhelming even players who like glow would choose the skin

Totally agree. If you check weave forged version of salty’s xbow it is based on an orange version and it looks pretty awesome! Some others based on not so unique skins are meh like the ones Rebel listed. But the blue (veteran quality) should imho be unique skins. Not a pre existing model with blue glow but rather something that screams uniqueness. Maybe a really weared conditioned sword for example to prove its presence in countless battles. That lazy blue tint on pre existing models for end game equipment just makes me sick. I as so many others reverted back on using basic orange illussions instead of the veteran ones for that very reason.

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Since FS chose to go with the way of making the-same-weapon-but-glowy the look of top tier gear, I wonder why they don’t just make variants of all their weapons glowy. Lots of content for relatively little effort. Then put it all in Lohner’s Emporium, and you’re dealing with loads of other complaints as well.


My mild irritation over the WoM illusion pales next to the furious pyre that is my fury over the Athonor not working in the real game.

Fans: We want a better crafting system. The loot is literally the #1 worst thing about this game!
FS: Ok here you go.
Fans: Yay! This is legit really good! Hey… there’s something funny abou…
FS: PSYCHE! It only works in the game mode that nobody asked for, cares about or actually plays!
Fans: …
Fans: Are we just torture dolls to you?

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All I want is the reds from VT1. They were superiour to the reds in this game.