Please add bretonian red illusions for empire weapons

i would like to have red bretonian style illusions for empire weapons currently my setup is bretonian longsword and mace and shield but the mace and shield look out of place because of the sigmar and empire design i would like to suggest the same shield that the grail knight has with the sword and shield and a bretonian mace but just an illusion not a brand new weapon and same goes for other empire style weapons the grail knight can use i would just like to add making it a cosmetic would not be a bad idea or added through challenges would not be a bad idea either similar to how we get the red illusion for the spear aka killing the four lords on legends


I agree… I mean, some weapons are enough compatible with both styles (Empire and Bretonnian), other ones instead look really bad.

I would love new and more specific illusions.


I also want a Empire skin for the bretonian long sword for krubs Emp careers.

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