Grail Knight's premium hats should be purple rarity, not gray

For consistency.


So it shows better how awfully sick he is from all the gas and the stormer rides?

OP means the rarity of the items. All current Grail Knight hats have the blacksmith blueprint background, but at least the Hippogryph Helm should be purple rarity instead (since it’s a challenge reward). The Pureheart Helm should probably be some other rarity than blacksmith blueprint, too.


Yeah that’s what I meant.
Grey is the starting hat.
Green, blue, orange, red are the hats you get by commendation chests or the emporium.
The other hats are purple.

I think for consistency they should be purple, but really, any color would be ok, it’s just that grey hats stand out, and having 3 is annoying me. Quite the OCD post, I know, but still :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: edited the title to make it clearer

Maybe the decision to make all the hats you buy with real money gray rarity is an artifact from the time when hats were still salvageable. You can’t salvage blacksmith blueprints, so no one could have accidentally salvaged the paid cosmetics even if that function was still in the game.

Since you can’t salvage cosmetics anymore, the Grail Knight’s hats (except for the base Helm of the Worthy) really should be higher rarity (purple for the Hippogryph Helm, and green/blue/orange for the Pureheart Helm).

Paging @Fatshark_Hedge!


Both should be purple. The first one as a reward for a challenge, the other as an analogue of a DLC premium hats.


Sure, that works too.

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