Mismatched colors on Kerillian

I got the legend skin for waywatcher and was kinda surprised that the default headgear doesn’t change to match the color. It’s similar with the champion skin too.

I can understand not making every hat have a matching version with every body cosmetic, but it’d be nice if the default hat would match.



I suggested the option to disable hats altogether if you want to not have mismatching pieces.

This is not something the devs should ignore, 2 cool pieces are not so cool if they don’t fit each other.

Too bad she always wears something over her mouth that will never match.

The legend skin is definitely the best one for Waystalker … no doubt

But it is too bad that maybe only 1 or 2 head pieces match if you are ever lucky enough to get one!

Same thing with every career.

I think Huntsman has the same issue - his hood is green no matter what outfit he wears. I believe it is part of the whole cosmetic grind garbage. Wanna cool headgear? - Win 100 matches on Champ or Legend.

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