About cosmetics and their colors and Kerillian’s hats 2

Issue Summary:

  1. Kerillians baclava/mask should be a black instead of white
  2. Cosmetic Hat colors do no match with the player cosmetic skin.

Why is it that Kerillian’s mask is a white rather than a black. In my opinion and probably many others’ it’s extremely ugly. I’m not sure if this intended design or not. The majority of her hats would be fine tbh if you added a black baclava/mask instead of white.

Also what’s up with Lileath’s crown?


I’m sorry but this one is so ugly. The crown itself is fantastic. Why not add some hair. You guys were able to do it with Kruber’s “Hat” so why not this one

Kerrillian’s Mask




Black Masks for Reference

4 ref.jpg

5 ref.jpg

Many of the hats’ colors do not match the player skins unlocked by the player. For example: Red and black/yellow armor for completing all champion/legend runs. Why is this? Are the developers aware of this?

Color Mismatches

6 WS.jpg

7 WS.jpg


These are only a few color mismatches. They appear on all classes and it is especially noticeable on Kruber and Bardin

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Waystalker’s basic hood for legend skin is still green. She has dark grey/gold everywhere but the hood. Not that big of a deal, but still it would be nice the colors matching if this is a basic skin with a basic hat.

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