Kerilian headgear

Fatshark, I’m begging you.
After so long, you’ve given us “headgear” that’s essentially just the bare head on Kruber and Bardin, they look great. And yet you still give Kerilian only helmets and masks with a balaclava that completely hides her hair and her face, with only her eyes visible- the only exceptions being the default headgear.

Again, I beg you, please stop hiding Kerilian’s face and hair. She’s an elf, her silver mane should be flowing in the midst of battle, her face stoic, brilliant and fearless. I have so much headgear on her because she’s my main character, and yet I only find myself using her default headgear because the rest is just ugly when all her features are hidden behind a balaclava.

Someone who loves your game.


I disagree with revealing Kerillian’s face, it’s clearly important for her to hide it or otherwise she wouldn’t go through such effort to constantly conceal it and make sure barely any of her features are visible, and I like it. Adds an extra layer of mystery to her and her personality.

However, I completely agree that Waystalker and Handmaiden have a bunch of hats which are half-helmets or masks coupled with a balaclava that just looks awful, and this is because the hood is down when wearing these hats.
Handmaiden in particular suffers from this. I’d love it if all of her handmaiden hats which aren’t a full, complete helmet to have her hood on. Please.
And Waystalker should never not have her hood on.


I don’t really care if she has a hidden backstory that makes her hide her face and hair completely.
It’s ugly, and it feels like FS is being lazy by not giving her a proper face and hair.

Elves will always be elves, and elves are proud, arrogant and above humans and dwarves. Her pride would never allow her to be ashamed of her guise- for is a parent ashamed before their children?

Look at the artwork and the figurines. There are tons of good helmets, open or closed, that show their hair and face.
Total War: Warhammer executes the appearance of the elves brilliantly. That is how I want Kerilian to be presented. Not like something hidden and scurried away, but like a glorious elf, as she should be. Someone who dances on corpses, and looks good while she’s doing it.

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And I don’t care how you want Kerillian to be represented, it’s certainly not by ‘laziness’ that they’re hiding her face considering she has a face model, every other character has no issue showing their face or hair and all have very detailed, unique designs.

It makes her unique, mate, it’s nice to have a character who isn’t just a combination of all the stereotypes of their race. It’s nice, it adds depth and mystery, it adds layers that contribute to her being an interesting character.

And considering how she’s spent two entire games, multiple classes and tons of cosmetics hiding as much of her face as possible because it clearly matters to the girl, I definitely wouldn’t want the official ‘reveal’ of her face to be some crappy hat you get from a box or from the emporium.

Also just because the hats look awful doesn’t mean the concept of her covering herself is at fault, otherwise she wouldn’t look so dope in her default hats. Or in any of the hats that don’t mess with her hood because let’s be real, that’s what really makes the hats ugly. Lowering the hood.


Kerillian certainly has a reason for hiding her face (or the lower part of it, anyway) as she keeps it like that in every iteration, but I can’t see that extending to her hair, especially considering that is shown off somewhat by a couple of her headgears. So, while I do think her hiding her face is a major part of her character (whatever the reason), I’d love to see some pieces of headgear that showed her hair some more.

Of course, there already may be a couple of them coming; we’ll have to wait for the full release of Emporium 'till we see the real selection.


At least sticking out like braids or a high ponytail on some of them.


The character model exists.

She’s just too mystery tho.

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I mean it’s understandable that she wants to hide her face. Hell she’s even careful with her real name.
Kerillian is surely not her birth name, just one name of many she gave to pushy lumberfewts.
Elfs are very arrogant, they want to share as little information with the “lesser” races as possible.
That’s just part of her character identity.

Probably a thing you will sadly have to live with. I doubt there will come a cosmetic item that will have her face revealed.

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While on the topic (if reading between the lines a bit) maybe Fatshark could release a DLC a Nier Automata. A not so worthwhile challenge that unlocks skimpy outfits for all the characters. Imagine Kruber in revealing body harness or Saltpyre in stay-ups. Slayer Bardin in a bear one-piece (seeing how he’s scantily clad to begin with).


What a great and fantastic idea.

It saddens me, really, that they have a complete face model that they just refuse to show to the player.
This makes it even worse, as an elf main in WHF.

Ugh… first world elgi problems…