I refuse to buy Kerillian's White Lion helmet

I will never buy the helmet, because once again, it is defiled by a balaclava.
The day you (FS) stop hiding her face behind a balaclava is the day I will buy it.

It is time to stop, FatShark.


I never really understood why they insist to always cover her face, no matter what career you play her as. Lots of handmaiden’s head cosmetics were botched, because she would always maintain the balaclava underneath.

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Oh yeah, for real. The only good head options for her are the default one for Waystalker, the latest Shade mask and the wooden mask that actually shows her hair.
Fatshark really needs to stop hiding her face and hair, sh*t got old from the start.

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I believe she covers her face because lore-wise she has been exiled from the rest of her kin. Something along those lines.

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I couldn’t care less. Excuses to not have to make a detailed face for her because pretty women are difficult apparently

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She’s not that pretty. There are pictures of glitched kerillian hats that show off her real face. You can find the same thing for bardin and see what he looks like without a beard.

She’s “not that pretty” because her face isn’t detailed. It would be different had they actually detailed her face properly.

She’s a bit camera-shy, don’t expect her to show her face soon, I’m afraid.


Don’t expect me to pay a dime for any more of her headgear then.

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This is just a part of her character, like Boba Fett’s helmet.

No, it’s because “pretty women” aren’t a priority. Not every game needs female characters to be eye candy.

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Boba Fett shows his face regularly.

She is literally an elf. Kruber even comments on her beauty a few times.

FatShark just doesn’t like to make beautiful faces apparently, because look at the women in Vermintide and Darktide.
Sienna’s face is melted and looks like a grandma, but is only 38 years old. Olesya is an old hag. Kerillian’s face is hidden, and we’ve never even seen Catrinne von Aldenstein.
As for Darktide… it only has 1 female face that is less bad than the others-- resulting in all female player characters running around like clones because most people prefer to be pretty.
In fact, the lack of pretty options in Darktide caused a huge uproar and is one of the biggest complaints right now.

So please excuse me when I say BS that eye candy isn’t important.

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Character is important, eye candy is shallow. Boba Fett in the OT was never seen without his helmet.

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The Lady’s an elf.


I mean eye candy is obviously important. Let’s be honest here and imagine why Genshin Impact is earning several hundred millions weekly while VT2 and Darktide were both essentially dead on arrival, and still are.

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Depends on the character and the kind of narrative, Kerillian is an outcast waystalker; probably not someone that the author intended people to oggle over.

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Also, why do you think games like Dead or Alive, or Tomb Raider became popular?

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That really doesn’t excuse hiding her face for mayflies. Those balaclavas and fully covering helmets and masks are simply hideous and aren’t part of the actual headgear in the tabletop.
FatShark talks big about lore accuracy, yet couldn’t be bothered to show the elf’s face so they make up some reason for why they’re not showing it? Either it’s complete and utter laziness, or it’s contempt for pretty women.

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I didn’t play those games, and I prefer the newer tomb raider aesthetic.

Some games are made for a target audience that prefers eye candy, sometimes with very little substance to the character. The old tomb raider was a simple arcade game. In Vermintide, the character’s personalities matter more.

They don’t need an immediate obvious reason to have her face hidden. It’s a part of her character. She’s a mystery and hides her background.

I guess it wouldn’t fit the game’s setting. This isn’t Call of Duty, after all…