Combination of hats and skins

It seems like no one cares about huge piece of useless content that nobody want to wear. I’m sure it was obvious since the start that many of new skins looks bad with basic hats as well as others, wich leads me to question - why FS even bother to make it?

Which piece are you referring to?

Black (legend) WS ninja outfit with bright green hoods is a good example. I was actually kind’a shocked that it didn’t come with a black default hood even if I didn’t expect the special hats I have to change color to match.

Yea and the brilliant Devs didn’t even make the 100+ Champion/Legend mask (Barkshield mask) to match with Kerillians black WS legend run complete outfit. Why that mask is not black just doesn’t make sense to me.

IMO they should have at least made those pieces of cosmetics match. Matched cosmetics is a problem actually for ALL careers in the game.

I am trying so hard to get the Horns of Kurnous cosmetic helm which is my favorite cosmetic item in the whole game - but no dice so far. I don’t know if I will ever get it given the current state of RnG. Maybe in the future if FS decides to change something.

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