Who don't basic hats automatically change colors when wearing reskins?

That makes most reskins look really bad and not worth getting or wearing. I have Huntsman reskins and a friend of mine has WS, and I don’t wanna wear any of them because of that .

Also for whatever reason champion skins are so much better than pale looking grey or yellow legend skins. Yeah, grey skins… the make your character look like a grey stain or like covered in dirt from head to toes.

But even champion skins would be enough for me if hat’s color matched!


Thinking ahead is highly overrated in Sweden.


pro top Nik, use the hat mod and wear something silly, im wearing a plumed hat on my huntsman in black armor atm, alternativly get the face mask to drop for him and it is black.

Yeah, I got this helmet with 4 feathers on it and a lion crest on krub and it is silver/grey and since it doesnt match it looks really ugly on my knights of the blazing sun skin which is black or the red skin.

Same Problem on the dwarf here, especially due to the fact that he is “short” so the first thing you see is the helmet. I just have the standard one. a good friend found the right words: “Oh, look at this nicely polished shiny helmet and the… armor of utter blackness i suppose? who wears a helmet that doesn´t fit the armor?”

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