The Conundrum with Cosmetics

One of the biggest hooks I’ve had in this game are the cosmetics. The game has potential to make this feature incredibly fantastic, but I find that there are a lot of things that are not taken under account.

Skins and hats differ in color

This creates really strange, mismatching gear that isn’t pretty to look at. I understand that both are seperate models with their own unique textures, but perhaps there should be a function where the hat’s color is linked to your skin. Now, I’m not familiar with the coding process for this feature, but it would be nice to know if this is a possibility.

Uninspired looking hats

I’ve seen quite a few hats for all classes in the game, and a lot of them just feel…like the original ones you get in the start, only with a subtle change like a plume or candle…etc. It feels unrewarding and just dull all around. I have not seen all of the available cosmetics, so maybe there’s a lot of variety that I’m just missing out on.

Also, not all hats should be class locked!

Skins are just…reskins

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to the idea of recolors, but I am confident I’m not alone in that I would love to see different clothing/models entirely for all the classes. That’s most likely wishful thinking, but it would be cool.

I hope to god Fatshark that you continue to add more cosmetics through various patches to help diversify what we’ve got now.


Apparently, there is. I haven’t witnessed any of it myself, but it seems that at least some of the additional hats do change colours with the armour. It’s just been forgotten on the default hats.

Somewhat annoying, yeah, and I personally would love VT1’s hats added into this one. A lot of cool looking ones there (skull helmet for Markus, bicorne for Victor…)

No, you’re certainly not alone there. Others have complained about this already, and having the Übersreik Champion skins proves that the code for completely different armours is there already.

Let’s just wait for the first DLC, and then hope the artists can keep working on more cosmetics.


Not to awaken an older thread, but I find it’s more relevant now seeing as yesterday’s patch ceased the More Hats glitch from working.

However, I’d like to bring up a point that the point of helmets like Steel Resolve, the cavalier hats that Merc Kruber wears, along with others should be interchangeable between other classes if their skeleton/model can handle it without glitching.

I also believe that the point of skins changing the color of -all- hats should be further stressed in development.

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