Cosmetic color scheme suggestions for future stuff

Been waiting for this one for so long still sucks its aquilas only tho but would love to see that color scheme applied to more sets both premium and non-premium seeing as how despite it being 2023 we can’t just customise the colors ourselves lol

Just a thought cheers, seeing as the Enforcer set is in the files and the bulky flak armor is around now (in red) too


Uhhh that’s a nice one… And yes, I think it would be much better when we could change color schemes of premium and non premium stuff… Would provide much more diversity and much less squads of clone warriors… And often I like the style of an armor set, but can’t stand the tiger camouflage or the red-light district look on them… Annoying


That this isn’t a thing already is suspicious. As if Fat Shark is hoping to sell a few people every color separately.

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They already doing this, same items but with different colors come with sets and without.

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Most of the mission environments are industrial or cityscapes, really tired of the desert and jungle camos that keep popping up.


Thats desertphobe and junglecist of you! :rofl:

Was about to say this, but you beat me to the punch.
Several items are already available in Black, Red, Blue, etc.
And never is the corresponding or fitting equipment item in the same set. Always is there an outlier that’s stuffed into another set or sold separately.

Very unnecessary attempt at boosting sales that’s absolutely bad optics.
If one wants an example of how to do sellable cosmetics right, check out Dota 2. Large variety, you always get a full set if you choose and without them the base character looks amazing, too.

A lot of companies in the Gaming Sphere could learn a lot from Valve, they do a lot of things right.

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About the current offer I like that all four skins have a similar Color scheme and thus somehow fit. However if they wanted me to loosen my wallet they‘d have either finally implement SP with our spare characters as bots like VT2 - then I‘d have incentive to have all four characters looking cool and as part of a squad.

Or stick closer to GW‘s miniatures - I got the Steel Legion outfit because I like the models - I‘d also get a DKoK, Vostroyan, real Kasrkin or Arbites skin. Also navy breachers or voidsmen could be cool. Or mordian… There are tons of options :slight_smile:

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