Please add a "Salvage all rarity X" button

You aren’t wrong; the salvaging and menu systems for base-game crafting are somewhat of a nightmare. (Also, just to let you know, you can right-click an item to instantly add it to the crafting box, so no need to double-click repeatedly).

What @Argonaut14 is saying above is that an overhaul of the crafting system has been brought up… a lot. It’s one of the most demanded overhauls in the game right now (with the exception of those people who have 2,000-3,000 of every crafting reagent and 200 red dust, those folks tend to ignore the crafting system altogether and would instead prefer specific combat overhauls or reworks for gameplay systems).

You aren’t alone in wanting the rework and we appreciate you adding your voice to ours! Here’s to hoping that FatShark is willing to consider it as an update :slight_smile:


I figured this was asked for a bunch of times, just wanted to pitch in like you said :slight_smile:

I honestly think QoL updates are one of the most important things to keep your player-base happy, but hey, maybe the numbers say otherwise. I mean, it looks like adding a few (great) free maps makes everyone happy again, so I might be wrong.

I must ask: has Fatshark ever responded to this request?
And while I’m there, do we have any kind of developer interaction with this forum? I haven’t seen even one comment from a staff member in this forum yet. Kind of makes me feel it’s all a bit pointless.


I’ll address your points in order if you don’t mind :smiley:

QoL tends to be a big front-runner in player happiness and player retention, but usually where the thing you need QoL for is done often enough to detract from gameplay. For instance: the UI system in Monster Hunter is and absolute disaster of an attempt at making a functional menu system, but it hardly affects core gameplay and I spend little to no time in it after only 20-30 hours of game-time, so it’s aight (but certainly one of my largest gripes with the game).

FatShark responds constantly and ever thread is read by the community manager. However, they don’t respond for the sake of having a “developer response” on every thread: if the thread falls into a category that requires addressing by their team (IE: technical support or bug-reporting) our dearest Julia will usually respond within a few hours of the thread being posted.

If the thread is posted with the tag Feedback, they sorta let us run with it and only lean in to drop information as required. So if you had a long thread about a specific boss and the debate came to how long the spawn-timers need to be and the “current” spawn time is a heated point between players, a mod might drop in and mention “Hey, yeah, the spawn time is ~28 seconds, +/- some time based on your prior horde-clearing abilities.”

I think the reason for letting us run with it is that they never want it to come down to a debate between FatShark versus 1 community member, they want us to hash out our favorite thing as a community and then they can approach that topic once it’s settled. Whether or not that’s the case remains to be see, but I have faith :smiley:

I’m 99% sure they have said the crafting system will be overhauled/reworked. I believe it was talked about in a stream towards the end of season 1?

Actually, I can’t quite recall if it’s something that will happen, of if it’s something they want to do at some point. There’s a difference.

Hey, @bendking , Sigmar has an important task for you.
You are to enter the corrupted realm known as Twitch, there you shall find the Fatshark stream vods.
Once acquired, return them to the temple and seek the evidence confirming a crafting overhaul.
Do not rest until this task is complete, the fate of the Empire rests upon your shoulders.

Praise Sigmar!

I would do it myself, but I’m sleepy. :smile:
I’ll see if I can find it tomorrow. If the vods are still there, for some reason they don’t stay up for very long.


Thanks for the detailed reply!
I’ll also address your points in order :slight_smile:

  1. In my eyes the loot and crafting system still affect your gameplay even long into the game, though.
    It would seem only about 5% of players even get a red item to begin with (according to steam achievements), and I am still having to re-roll properties and salvage items 250 hours in, and I reckon I still will for quite a while.

  2. Excuse my skepticism, but how do you know that they do in fact read all threads?
    Plus, it would still be great if we had at least known through their response whether they have taken the feedback to heart, so we can at least know whether it’s something that they plan on working on at all.
    It would be cool if every once in a while they would response to a thread saying “Yeah, this is something we’re working on, can’t say when it’ll happen but it’s in the works”, or even “We actually don’t think this is an issue, but thanks for the feedback!”.
    At the moment all we have is the developer updates, which are nice, but don’t actually tell us what they’re working on and what they’re planning on implementing.

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They do, not too often, but sometimes.

There’s issues with the idea of salvaging more items than is currently possible, and these are limitations on the backend service we use. Only so many requests and actions can be ‘made’ in a given event, in this case, salvaging items. Allowing for more ‘things’ to be processed from an action (like Salvaging) just isn’t possible at the moment without generating errors.


Can you fragment it from the game side before it gets send to the server? I mean we can salvage nine items endlessy in succession without causing problems. So the idea would be to chose like 50 items to be salvaged and the game divides it internally in 10 smaller packages a 5 items which get send separately to the server. Speaking from the perspective of technological uninformed.

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Thank you very much for the response! That’s a bit disappointing to hear but understandable, it’s good to hear that there’s a reason that this change can’t happen.

If you don’t mind me asking, is there any plan to somehow revamp the crafting system in the future? It’s a pretty common request from what I’ve seen, and I’m assuming it’d need to be quite an overhaul to allow some changes to happen, like the one discussed here.
The Athanor is actually a really great system, and it would be great to see some of it’s influence spread over to the main game mode which sees the most play.

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I hear you, I doubt it’s impossible and that’s the kind of avenue we’d look to go down I suppose. It’s just a matter of time versus reward. Touching backend stuff like this is super risky and requires a whole bunch of testing. Right now it “works” and there are inherent risks in changing it. As I say, not impossible, but might be something we look at changing in an overhaul.

We have a really long list of stuff we want to improve on, whilst still releasing content. It’s just a balancing act and we have to make sure we don’t do work now that we plan to re-do down the line. This can of course mean that it doesn’t happen, depending on where the future takes us, but it’s on the list. The long list.


I understand. Thank you for taking the time to explain, it’s honestly really encouraging just to hear your reasoning and a bit of what’s going in behind the scenes.

If I may suggest a little something in response to your comment on time versus reward:
I believe tweaking some weapon numbers (and maybe even some trait/property numbers), thus making some underused weapons more viable (Victor’s Axe, Elf Axe, etc.) might be have pretty a high return on investment since it would ideally only require tweaking some numbers and verifying the balance of those changes, but would create some new ‘viable’ ways to play the game, which I think would be quite refreshing for the player-base.
Of course, I’m only a player, but that’s how I see it.

Thanks again for your response! :slight_smile:

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Have you read the bloodbath called balance threads? To actually balance (or tweak if you like the term better) is among the most time-consuming activities you can do as developer simply because you have hundreds of different opinions and you need to evaluate and cross-verify it with the data of over millions of games if said change is necessary/justified, not making the weapon to strong or to weak.

Fair enough, though I still think that some weapons are almost universally considered sub-par, and those were the ones I was referring to.

Not a thread goes by that FatShark doesn’t see, my lad :slight_smile: Thanks for stopping in, @Fatshark_Hedge! It’s always an honor and a pleasure to hear from you.

Right-click + download “Reroll improvements” and “UI improvements” mods. Makes things a bit easier.

I’m already using them, but thank you.

And while I’m there, do we have any kind of developer interaction with this forum? I haven’t seen even one comment from a staff member in this forum yet. Kind of makes me feel it’s all a bit pointless.

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Hedge commented on this very thread twice, so I’m a little confused by this statement. And yeah, check out the link by EnragedFountain if you want to see more recent things than a month-old thread.

If someone at FatShark says:

you all know how the story ends :grin:

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