Let us favourite items in the salvage menu

When you press F over an item it would disappear from the list of salvageable items and appear as a favourite in your regular inventory. This gives us an easy way to sort through things we want to keep and what we want to throw out. It would also solve the issue of hats appearing on the salvage menu because you can just press F over it to make it safe from scrapping.


Another way to quickly filter out items that we don’t want would be to add some ‘salvage all X’ buttons, where X is whites/greens/blues/oranges/reds/everything-that-isn’t-favourited.

All the 9-item limit on salvaging items does is cause players to spend more time not playing the game.

They could also make the salvage box bigger by allowing it to scroll the way the inventory does. That way you can put as many items as you want into it.

Honestly I think the whole crafting/salvaging system needs looking at. The whole thing is a much bigger time sink than it should be.


Hats should never show up in the salvaging menu in the first place. The fact that they do is one of the most stupid game design choices they have made.

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Agreed, at least the reroll mod helps a lot because it cuts the animations short.

I assumed those animations/timers were there as an anti-exploit measure or something. I’d find it pretty aggravating if they really were just there to make the process take longer.

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