Crafting system - "Favoriting" items

The crafting system has improved a lot.

One little idea I had after needing to salvage a lot of items to make room for more was to add in an option to “favorite” or save items. I’m not exactly sure how the best way to do it would be (open to suggestion), but if it simply highlighted them in your inventory, it’d make it a lot easier to differentiate the keepers from the salvage pile when either finding items you plan to use or making space by salvaging orange items.

Also, as an added bonus, if there was also a button to shred anything that wasn’t a red or favorited, it’d basically automate the salvaging process for my lazy (or “efficiency-minded”) self. Not necessary, but just thought why not.

To elaborate on the benefits, basically:

1.) Saves time looking for orange items you use.
2.) Saves time while salvaging items
3.) Reduces likelihood of accidentally salvaging items you wanted to keep

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There’s already a way to favorite / save items.


Welp. Lol. Thank you.

I can’t believe I never knew this.

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I could be mistaken but i do not think the game actually tells you to do it, that´d be it´s usual style : P

There is a loading screen tip, but nothing Else I think.