[Feature Request] Lock/Favorite items you do not want scrapped accidentally

Can you guys please add a “lock” or “favorites” option so you can’t accidentally delete an item?

Not a Need but would be awesome to add!!!
Edit: I realize you have time to not scrap something but it would make inventory management easier.

Thanks Fatshark!



Equip those items on another subclass if they are weapons- items are locked and they don’t show on salvage menu.

If they are trinket, neckle, charm - equip them on any other character - items are locked=]

It works only if you play one class. I play all classes,so this doesn’t do anything for me.

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Well sometimes you want more than one weapon of even the same type because of different trinkets or skins.
It’s kinda like Diablo or other action rpgs where you keep different sets of items to switch to depending on your objectives.

Well ok yes I know, but I just give you temporary solution. Is not like you will play all 3 subclass at one time, and you do have already so many weapon skins that you have problem.

But Fatshark are one of best team ever in terms of giving ppl what they want. This topic is not only problem for you. I bet they will give you the solution you want.

Well I guess I dont not have that problem cose i will be using neck/trinket/charm on all class the same with highest power=] It is just solution to that problem right now. BUt you will alway’s say it is a bad. Even that othera are actually trying to help, try solve problem eaven temporary…but well. Im sorry that you will suffer cose of that “problem”.

And yeah sorry for my English I know it’s crap.

you can’t do it by accident if it takes you 2 clicks and one holding for 3-4 seconds to perform the salvage. Stop being lazy


just be careful of what you are throwing away!

a lock would be nice tho.

ROFL, it’s called quality of life improvements. Anyways, good day to you all.
And I already stated it’s not a need in any capacity.

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Agreed. It would be nice to have. Dont really get the pushback here.
Would make inventory managementt more intuitive.
Edit: It might run the risk of making inventory screen more cluttered if this function is not handled proper, but I trust dev.

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I would love favorite tag not only to prevent salvaging, but to make it easier to find weapons or amulets you’re into. Since icons are not representative of trinket effects, I would like to be able to do some sort of custom markings. Now, to manage any of them you have to read all the texts, which can be tiring.

Totally behind this. And it’s far from trivial : it gets so tedious, it’s totally a must.

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