Please Disallow Modifications to Favorited Items (or Create a Confirmation)

I wish I could tell you how many times I’ve accidentally rerolled properties on my favorite reds instead of traits and immediately regretted it. It would be nice to have some kind of “soft lock” to help prevent this, or even an “undo last roll” and choose between the two sets like we could in VT1. I’d even pay dust to undo a roll. So heartbreaking. :frowning:

You can mark them as Favorite? At least I know if I see a green heart I need to be VERY careful.

Yes, this is why I think they need some confirmation; even the most careful are prone to errors; and the PC crafting menu unfortunately doesn’t have the nicest UI to help alleviate these errors. Rerolling “safety” can help non-favorited items too.

There’s plenty of issues I have with this game, but I think this one is on you. Adding a confirmation screen to re-rolling favorites (not sure what you mean by soft lock) would be terrible. Your favorite items are the ones most people do re-roll, making it even more tedious would suck royally.


I agree with Solomon, the items I favorite are the ones I don’t want to accidentally salvage, that’s it.

Now, if there was an additional mark like, tagging individual items as ‘not for salvage’ and THEN a ‘favorite’ system on top, I could get on board with this. But as long as the only way to prevent an item from being accidentally salvaged is to favorite them, it’s not gonna be pretty.

That said, could always be a toggleable option. Or a mod.

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