I wish there was warning!

I just accidentally scrapped my red beam staff, I thought I was on the re-roll stats crafting section


Ooooooh boy that’s a rough one. I suggest putting this in the feedback section with a suggestion tag. They can probably even make it a toggle in the settings.

We will probably see this in the form of a quality of life mod other than anything official . Which sucks because it really should be built in for reds and cosmetics. I’m always terrified of accidentally salvaging them!

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FS could easily add this and there’s really no reason not to. A dialog box with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ selection is the basic of basics in any programming language.
That’s why I suggest this topic goes to the feedback section.

I’d also say that this dialog box should only apply to salvaging. That way the confirmation doesn’t become just another ignored click-past we get used to seeing when spamming trait rerolls.

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instead of a warning, put a lock feature where items gets locked and can never be salvaged :O!


My friend did that once too also to staff btw.

Yep, in a few years, when whitelisted mods will appear…

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Yea… We should really be allowed to favorite items and they can’t be rerolled or anything until we untick them.

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It beats the original system, and still partially existing system where you had/have to swap to EVERY class/character with the item equipped and unequip it :rofl:

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