Confirmation window for salvaging reds

Just salvaged my red 1h dwarf hammer by accident, wanted to reroll.

Please add a confirmation window before being able to salvage reds.

I was brain afk … :frowning:


Even better options: Allowing favouriting items (and maybe doing that by default to Vet items) to prevent anything from being accidentally salvaged, and allowing inventory reorganising. The favourite option would also reduce the need for holding down the button to avoid accidentally doing things to your items, thus allowing somewhat faster crafting operations.

Other quality of life enhancements to the crafting system could also be done, and I suspect will come in mods.

My friend has been grinding for reds for a while, like 20 emporers vaults and 10 merchants, and finally got one. he was trying to reroll stats when i started a mission and then he accidentally salvaged it… now he won’t talk to me… plz fatshart give him his red back

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