Favorite button for items?

I know that I myself have recently started to college oranges of various types and hold onto them, leading to a full inventory page and I know others that do it as well. I was wondering if maybe we could be given a favorite button?

Something as simple as a star or a small skull on the icon, apart from the border, to show “You have selected this one” so we can tell apart certain gear.

Say, I have 3 orange longbows. only one of which I use. Instead of having to look over which one is which, I could just look for the favorite icon and know which one it is. Simple.

Would love to see something like this included!

I wouldn’t mind a bank or storage system xD So we don’t accidentally melt down something we didn’t mean to when spam opening chests between rounds, melting down the contents. Or at least let us “favorite” the weapon and as long as it’s fav’d, it can’t be destroyed.

from a database point of view, i’m not sure why they structured the item system like this, basically you would have billions of items floating around unused.

i would rather them have just the base set of weapons, properties and traits that are level unlocked, then people collect resources (dust metals etc) and item rarity grade from missions, and use these resources to roll for their desired traits. the cosmetics portion (illusions) can also be a drop from missions.

so for example, to unlock a red item, you would have to get a drop from loot to unlock it so it becomes selectable in your loadout.

at least, that’s the way i would have structured the loot in the game. just manage resources instead of 1001 extra weapons (you’re just gonna throw the crappy ones away, why make it tedious for players to deconstruct)

I’m out of likes but wholeheartedly agree with that idea.

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