Loadouts / Inventory Management

I’m sure this has been requested elsewhere, but:

  1. Would like the ability to mark “favorite” items and just look at “favorite” items (eg, the 10-12 weapons I actually use not the 200 I’m storing for blessing transfers or future upgrades) as we did in VT2. Said items should also be locked from Bartering until unfavorited.

  2. Would like better inventory management than a giant list to scroll through (also, if there is a cap to inventory, please display it? Haven’t hit it yet.). Favorites would help significantly with that (and was a feature in VT2). As simple as “All Items”/ “Only Favorites”/“Hide Favorites” toggle button next to the sort-by would accomplish this… and a simple search bar (‘Purg’ → all purgatus staves) would be lovely.

  3. Would really like to have multiple loadouts (weapons, curios, feats stored as a preset). Wouldn’t cry if (like guildwars 2) you made loadouts after the first two a cash-shop item, but at the very least 2 loadouts per character that you could swap between in the inventory screen. With Psyker alone I want at least four stored loadouts… EG: Purge Staff + Force Sword + all HP Curios + Asc Blaze feat, Surge Staff + Chain Sword + all Toughness Curios + Kinetic Barrage feat, etc.

Part of the reason for favorites & loadouts is remembering which of the 6 orange purgatus staves is the one I want to use is a pain in the ass, and keeping my curios managed. Loadouts plz - modders accomplished it in VT2 so it’s possible here. I often offer to the group that I can swap to Purge or to Surge staves if they want (or to Flamer on my Zealot) and it’d be nice to have those all (weapons, curios, feats) just a click of a button to load a preset loadout.