QoL needed for Inventory

1, Favourite Items (Cant be deleted if favourite)
2, Items that are on other Loadouts should be marked as such and cant be deleted also
3, Favourite Items should be on Top of the list regardeless of Power

4, shared Weapons
5,shared Weapons
6, shared Weapons


As soon as you go into Inventory of Weapons the one you have in Loadout should come up first!

By shared weapons do you mean sharing a weapon, lets say an axe, across the characters that can use it?

Yeah Buddy, like in V2 lets say Kruber or Salty do with their INventory if its available for multiple Carreers!

It would hepl with RNG a bit. MAybe you find a sweet Weapon on a other Class cause you got lucky. so you can actually use it.

I got like multiple 380 Headhunters and such on my Psyker, that Girl drops some sweet stuff all the time its crazy. Im keeping them fro now since i reckon we gonna see this at one point i hope!

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I 100% agree with you…I have a really good Lasgun and Bolter on my Zealot that I would love my SS to have.

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