We Need A Shared Inventory

The only thing worse than logging onto your main character to find a good roll of the weapon you really want isn’t in the shop is then going to an alt and finding the perfect roll for that weapon there instead. It’s BS that we don’t have a shared inventory for our characters, especially with how terrible the current shop system is. Please please please, give us a way to transfer weapons between characters.


Bunch of things to be shared but I think inventory could be the biggest. Just something to make getting the weapons you want to be easier. Could also work it that your characters are “roommates” or lumped in together in the same room and everything is shared. “You are not people, you are weapons to be used by the Inquisition, you don’t own anything. Anything you find is to be shared by the unit even if you’re called to work with another team. If you die then it is given to this unit. If you all die then the next unit to inhabit this space gets it”. Bam, story reason mixed into the system.

Some and most are class specific, so you suggest the shared weapon is low tier ?

A Veteran with thunderHammer is completly out of the game story witch need tremendous amount of faith to activate and so it fit a Zealot and a Zealot only

… So just have the thunder hammer and other class-exclusive weapons labeled “X class only” and don’t let players equip them on other classes. That’s how it worked in Vermintide 2 with class-exclusive gear. There is no reason such a function can’t be implemented here.


thats why i asked, shared weapon would be lower tier for the character than.

Vermintide have 2 weapon most of them sharable throught the same class, subclass with their own

Not sure what you’re trying to say here, especially with low tiers. Not sure where tiers were mentioned.

when i say lower tier there is obviously less effective weapon in the game.

For example
Zealot : Melee class
Hammer, Maul, Evicerator, Heavy Sword(lets say its class weapon)

Devil Claw Sword, Tactical/Combat Axe, (Shared weapon)

The shared weapon are obviously less effectiv for Zealot.
But give Power Sword of the Veteran to Zealot.

Zealot became a god, then thats a problem

So the shared weapon become lower tier but used on specific build

edit : was that your suggestion ?

That literally has nothing to do with what I’m suggesting.

I’m not saying let everyone use every weapon. I’m saying if I have a god rolled Kantrael MG XII, I should be able to use it on any of my characters who have access to the Kantrael MG XII weapon type, instead of hoping I’ll get lucky a second time on my other character.

Honestly, make dorm rooms with all my characters in them, have a common armory space shared for them, have me spawn in my room where I can put gun p0rn posters.

Also, let me invade waifu AI identified rooms and give me access to all their online accounts to ruin their life.