Inventories should be shared

Why do characters not share ordo dockets, why do i need to grind plasteel and diamantine for 4+ characters? Why can’t my curios and none class specific weapons be used on other classes? I played vermintide 2 before darktide and you had 3-4 class types per the 5 characters-except for specific weapons that werent shared-you would get to use the same weapons among the same class types and your curios in that game were shared amongst every class and character. It made the game feel a lot less grindy and bad when you were swapping over from a lvl 30 character to one of the other characters you would have had at lvl 1. For darktide it makes sense that a ogryn or veteran isnt going to be using the force staves (warp weapons) and a zealot isnt going to be using an ogryn’s grenade gauntlet or shield+mace. But the curios are all the same for everyone and so are some of the guns like the lasguns (yeah i know the ogryn would be an odd one out but still). Other than “lore reasons” why are we unallowed to share items and currency between our characters?

  • Share inventory
  • Dont Share

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This is a QoL change that seriously NEEDS t happen. Having every character run off separate resources makes it an unnecessary slog to try out the different classes.


And it feels way worse coming from vermintide 2, where having this feature made it A LOT more fun to try new classes and felt more rewarding without having to feel really underpowered for several hours of gameplay

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Which weapons could you share between classes in Vermintide 2? I don’t remember any of them being able to be shared. I know you could share charms and stuff, but not weapons…

I could see the curios being shared… if it didn’t make no sense in terms of story. Each one of these is a prisoner who is being given a chance to survive and make a name for themselves, not a merry band who have known each other and worked together for a long time (like in Vermintide 2; The Reichsguard 5, wasn’t it?). None of the operatives you’re making are supposed to know each other, so them sharing their pay and weapons doesn’t really make sense.

I can see how players want this to be the case, but it just wouldn’t make sense., story and lore-wise.

100% all resources should be shared as well as Curios, just like V2


I mean like how some weapons that footknight kruber could use were shared with mercenary kruber


I second this!

We need shared inventories. At least shared account wide should be:

  • all manner of “coins”
    –for/from the shop and contracts (like Aquilas already are)
  • Upgrading materials

Best also these:

  • contracts
  • curios

Nice, but could be missed:

  • weapons belonging to an archetype/ class

While the coins and mats are non-negotiable, the contracts and curios really should also be shared.

  • It makes levelling new operatives more fun and gives room to “play with them”
  • Most will not play that many chars anyway so it matters not much (meaning shared resources do not affect playtime negatively)
  • it makes switching between “main” operative and “fun” ones more meaningful and brings overall more enjoyment to the game (so one is not forced to use the main to complete the weekly)
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