Isolating Character Progression Is A Good Way To Keep People From Trying/Playing Different Characters

I don’t get it, Vermintide is already a super grindy game, why make Darktide even worst? In VT I get why characters can’t use other characters weapons (other then some of Salts, Krubers, and Bardins weapons). In DT all four classes share at least 80% of their weapons and their not even weapon reskins like some of Salts, Krubers, and Bardins guns. In DT they are they are the same weapons so why can’t they be shared? My only real worry is if something like a perfect rolled of my favorite type of lasgun is in the FOMO shop… on my preacher… who only uses flamer… so I guess my sharpshooter is just sol.

But the main problem is the fact that curios and currency isn’t shared. Trinkets and whatnot was shareable in VT so seeing how curios are basic the same thing as necklaces and trickets and can roll bonus xp why not have them be shareable? Currency not being shared is the worst though… I’ve seen people say “If you share currency, then you’d end up with way to much.” which is so stupid… they got rid the rng chest that gave you 5 weapons/trinkets when you leveled up bc people cried about it being rng and replaced it with a rng FOMO shop were 1 weapon cost about the amount you’ll make in two successful missions… so… what’s the problem with “ending up with way to much” currency?