Lack of Shared Items and Currency Between Characters Feels Bad

Title more or less tells the entire story. Having reached level 30 with zealot, all I can think is “man, I really don’t want to go from scratch again.” I can understand weapons not carrying over, I guess, although I still think that’s just plain unfun; it’s curios and currency that make no sense to lock to characters. This feels like a really bizarre way of extending the time it takes to have maxed characters from each class; it doesn’t seem to serve any meaningful purpose other than annoying the player and forcing them to engage in large amounts of tedious, low-level grinding. I genuinely want to know the rationale behind this design choice, because from where I’m standing it just kind of sucks.

The worst part is, it seems like it’d be pretty easy to implement cross-class inventory sharing in a manner that wouldn’t be gamebreaking in any sense. Simply tie shared weapon usage to power level; for example, if my zealot’s catachan sword has a power level of 250, then restrict its usage on other classes until that class has a matching power level. Curios already police themselves, what with the gear slots for them not unlocking until certain level thresholds, so that’s fine. Currency–both ordos and whatever the hell Melk’s stuff is called–shouldn’t have any restrictions whatsoever; that’s stupid, plain and simple, and I challenge you to find a single convincing reason for them to be locked like they are.

The cynic in me wants to suggest that the real motive for locking gear and currency is to boost Darktide’s average player time to make it look better on paper; I hope I’m wrong and that this design choice was simply the result of a severely misguided dev, but my gut tells me otherwise.


Agreed (for the mostpart).

That’s already a thing. During levelling you can buy items iwth a power level you can’t use yet (for some reason), so that shouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand, I don’t see how it would be a problem if you could give an edge to the next character you level up and make the levelling a bit faster.


Totally agree, this is just annoying. Vermintide’s shared currency was a good thing, the crafting materials didn’t serve any purpose after a while, but this isn’t a good fix for that. Also, nobody wants to get forced to play with a specific class because of weekly quests, this is a terrible idea. In Verminted we always had player agency when it came to playing a class, even without being able to pick the same character in a round.


I think I agree. I haven’t played that many hours yet, but the idea of needing to build up resources on another character kind of cringe.


I totally agree and think they painted themselves into a corner.

Allot of Dartide’s systems feel like they initially tried to do things very differently from V2 and then didn’t like the result and quickly did some copy-paste to V2 stuff and it’s just not good.

They should have just reskinned vermintide 2

The weekly stuff, going to take someone a good portion of the week to do those successfully for one character.

This might not be a popular opinion, but personally i like fact that you start from scratch for the exact reason that it adds more value and replayability for me in the game.
Ive been playing more than the average person so i can understand that someone who doesnt have as much time as i do could want progression to be faster.
If i was able to share currency and loot in this game, my characters would have nothing to strive for except Levels, and that would feel extremely boring to me.
Having said that, i play alot of games like ARPGs with lots of resets and seasonal content, so i welcome a fresh start. I know this isnt everyones version of fun tho. But as i said before, being able to reacquire gear/currency is what will keep me playing, instead of just having it all handed to me and have nothing to look forward to.
That being said, i would be ok with gear being shared possibly at max level, once the “progression” is complete.

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Does anyone know if this is intended to be final? Seems so bad.


One of vt2s best features was being albe to gear up others via loot boxs earned and sharing trinkets.

The fact DT dosent even have SHARED CURRENCIES is a massive step back, especialy with all the RNG on weapons you can get a wepaon you like, and despite it being useable on your alts you will have to have insane luck to get one similiar.

Currencies and inventory should be shared full stop.


100%. What reason would FS have to withhold the final system unless it doesn’t exist? The game is effectively out. They might be drip feeding missions but there’s no point in leading everyone on with some barebones build and generate all this animosity.


I could see what you’re talking about if the game had a very in-depth class system sorta like PoE or Diablo or whatever where you’re essentially playing completely differently between classes, and as such basically playing an entirely separate game each time you choose a class (obviously ignoring how unrealistic something as exhaustive as PoE’s skill trees would be in a game like this).

But that is really not the case here. We have 4 total classes and to be honest all of them play pretty much the same, more or less, certainly there’s not enough of a difference between each of them for it to feel like an entirely new experience. And it’s not like you can’t just switch out your talents or whatever they’re calling them in DT on your character if you want to try a slightly different “build”.

As it is right now, after grinding to level 30 on my psyker so I can finally play the fun difficulties (haz4/5) without being painfully underpowered arbitrarily, I dread the prospect of having to hop onto another career and do all of it over again, starting from the mind numbingly boring first 3 difficulty settings (I’m obviously a bit biased here as a long-time modded difficulty VT2 player, but still). At least in VT2 in the process of your grind you would unlock different careers, so it wasn’t nearly as bad, but here you’re stuck with the same exact career/class/skills/weapons all the way until you grind out level 30.

I haven’t even touched the Sharpshooter yet, and my 2nd highest leveled character after my level 30 psyker is my level 7 zealot, and I simply can’t bring myself to do it all over again. This problem existed in VT2 as well, but again, there you were at least unlocking different careers so you had something to look forward to with your grind.

I’m sure that weapon variety in builds and stuff like that will improve once crafting is implemented + the rest of the roster of weapons is unlocked to the players, but even then I can’t see the weapons making a massive difference when there’s most likely gonna be a lot of overlapping weapons between classes making them feel very homogenized and samey.


I must be in the minority here as I genuinely like needing to unlock everything again. I’m a very goals oriented person and appreciate a tangible reward that I have to earn, even if it’s the same thing I’ve already done. Now, if they add materials for crafting I hope that it gets shared, but I like everything else being separate. Playing V2, I always wished that the new careers I unlocked started at level 1, because I like the level grind with new abilities and play styles, to get used to the class. And I hope they implement a system where gear you get in one class is available to a character of the same class, like V2, but it isn’t necessary for me to enjoy the game. Although I think that the store could include better weapon variety. I still haven’t gotten my light ing staff even after 11 levels, mostly lasguns in my psyker shop, which is irritating.

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@Sensanaty Yeah i totally see that stance and get it. Like i said, my view of it isnt for everyone but as @spiritcat103 mentioned, thats also the way i like to enjoy it. Just different goals for different folks, but i get it.
@spiritcat103 I was under the impression that items like the Lightning staff didnt unlock until like lvl 11 or 12+ but i could be wrong. I dont think i saw one till high teens, and got the explody staff around like 12 or so.

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I don’t have a problem with leveling a Character or even getting them to max gear score, that’s fine. The problem is after actually achieving those for the class, meaning max level, max gear score.
At that point you play the game for its challenge/difficulty, for example, i have 1600 hours in Vermintide 2, maybe something like 200-300 hours of it was for leveling and gear, i didn’t keep playing for some progression, sure the challenges with some nice skins are a motivator but not the main reason.

The difference now is making the currency class bound forces you to grind for it weekly with every class if you don’t want to miss out on some timed gear in the shop. Just changing it to a global currency would allow people to actually play with what ever class they want after maxing them all. And if they want the nice skins from challenges they still have to play that class, that fine.

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Yeah i can see how the special currency not being shared could be a pain when all characters are max level for sure. I suppose im in the Honey Moon stage of the game, so it feels different at the moment.
Having said that, i feel like having the currency be shared, they would be motivated to reduce the amount, or possibly make the contracts account wide too. It seems like you would just get too much currency if you could do all the weekly tasks on 4 characters and share the currency between them. That would make people just do the weekly on every character to possibly just boost up only 1 character, and that seems kind of broken, so i think adjusting would have to be done somewhere in there.

I leveled my Ogryn to 30, and decided I want to make a Psyker character now to level up. As a player who played both VT1 and VT2, I was very surprised to see that none of my currencies were usable. I’m not a fan of this design decision, I think the currencies you grind for should be shared across all characters and I hope this gets changed soon.


I completely agree with the OP. Having to regrind everything over and over and over without any respite despite having maxed other characters already will get tiring after a while.

Character limit aside, it also hits if you want to, just for fun, make a different character of somethign you already have.

For me, personally, VT II became more fun once i had maxed all my characters and could choose whatever character i wanted WITHOTU having to think “I should grind Sienna… man, this would be more fun with Saltzpyre who’s already 35…”

I also made at opic about the character progression as a whole and how I think it doesn’t feel good and the lack of shared items and currency also plays a role there.


I quite agree with what is posted here.
like, i dont mind that i m not sharing for example blue or green weapons or normal credits, thats fine.
But the end game loot → like orange weapons, challenges ( the special credits) should be shared, and i should be able to jump characters to complete challenges - like → finish 15 missions. I dont want to do that as one character, i want some diversity, so i want to swap characters and such, and since its not small time investimenet i want the reward to go for all of them. Otherwise the game willl be very unfunny grind.
The gameplay is great, and the item system should support it and not hold it back.


Already liked the topic but wanted to add my voice in support of change to the only thing that I find genuinely tedious so far, while I appreciate the fact that I can go with full Sharpshooter team - it may not be the best idea ever depending on difficulty, so in a way I may be forced between optimal gameplay or hindering myself by farming with the character that needs resources where there is not need for those currencies to be ‘account bound’ rather then ‘character bound’.


Another thing that needs to change is the fact that if you want a specific item, you have to wait until the store arbitrarily decides to throw one in the list for you to buy.

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To be fair I am not sure what to think about the store, one could say it’s cool to wait for God Emperor’s Blessing to see item that you actually want in a store, on the other hand if you are not playing a lot or swapping between characters to check up on it, it can take quite a lot of time to see one. Perhaps it’d be best to have at least one item of each category in store at all times - but with lower chances for high quality, so it does not feel as frustrating?

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