Stash and Account Currency

Why is there not a shared currency for your account instead it is tied in with characters? A stash where we could swap weapons to different classes would be a quality of life change I could really get behind - it feels kind of like a broken bridge or something.


Was just about to post about this myself.

In VT2 this was great to share trinkets, item crate and currencies … it gave more purpose to using that hard earned max level character to not just grind for itself alone, but allow you to challenge higher difficulties and reap rewards that can make leveling/gearing the next character much easier (as a reward for slogging through it with the first and getting to those challenging difficulties).

This is probably my biggest gripe right now. at MINIMUM let the Crafting Currencies be shared as “donations to the forge” or something… so we can craft/roll gear on other characters using that currency.

(PS: doing 4-5 weeklies, one for each sucks… I’d rather one weekly set using any characters, whatever is fun, or what the group needs, and let that currency be shared as needed/desired)

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Here ya go.

Another post about the same thing

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