Separate resources for each character make me think about refund

I can live with limited amount of content, unfinished systems and poor performance. While disappointing on launch, I’m sure those issues will be rectified with time.

However the fact that currently, if I spent a lot of time playing my favorite class… I wouldn’t be able to benefit from the rewards I earned at all by buying items on other classes is a deal breaker. I understand sharing items might be technically difficult to implement across characters, but the currencies absolutely have to be shared across the whole account. Friends I have spoken to hold the same view.

Please let the community know if you going to change this aspect of the game and provide at least rough ETA for when it happens.


It is absolute not difficult to share among characters. It might even be easier. This is the system they had in VT2.

There is some complication regarding altering or salvaging items that are equipped on other characters… but there is not such obstacles to sharing currency - that should implemented ASAP.

Again, this was already present in VT2 with trinkets. They already solved this.