Shared Currencies and materials back from discarding/dismantling

make currencies shared you are promoting people locking into one character and not wanting to use other characters… if you want diversity in what people play then stop us from losing out on our other characters ._.

and make it so we get some resources from discarding old weapons just a little bit of plasteel like 20 or something…

maybe some diamantine from discarding purple and orange items

and for the love of all things make it so we can just check our other characters stores without logging onto them… its actual aids…



Please FS, we had it in VT2, it made sense and was great. Especially it is just more fun in the long run, when we have the coins and mats shared to upgrade and get new weapons and play the new classes which will release over the years!

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That is the most worrying.
Having to level new characters and grind again for their stuff whenever there is a new release in the future will feel like a chore. It already is tiresome to have no interchange at all between characters, can’t imagine a time when 16 classes are released.

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So far on is active and keeps playing it works, but imagine coming as a newcomer to 16 classes, all with their own mats, coins and contracts.