Inventory QoL suggestion (or mod)

Hello, since the upcoming patch is all about Quality of Life I would like to suggest a QoL change to Inventory.

The idea is simple; Custom “Lists” (or boxes, or w/e you wanna call them)
So basically right now we have 3 lists; Melee, Ranged, Curio.
Add extra custom lists and allow us to send things from melee-ranged-curio lists to the custom ones.

This will help people make lists like “my equipment”, “to be upgraded”, “trash but im a hoarder and i dont wanna sell” etc

If you feel like it add a price in ordo dockets to prevent players from getting too many too early. up to you.

Then again if FS doesn’t wanna implement this, I hope a modder can make it happen with a mod :slight_smile:

should look like that


There are mods to search inventory, to name items, and to set favorites, I think one to protect from sales…

I named a few things but left the mk level so I can tell which ripper is mk2, 5 or 6.

I don’t know if there’s one on lists specifically… But there are a number of inventory related mods.

i know about those mods but they don’t suffice

good idea, i would instead like a + symbol where you can add a tab, or mutiple

and then when your at a shop give us a dropdown menü whereto move newly accuired gear
that way we have the the 3 current tabs for “gear in use” and one for “recently acuired” and “worthy of upgrades”.

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