Please allow us to mark weapons as favorite

When you have a lot of weapons you have to scroll quite a bit down to get to your good weapons, and you can miss it and search for it


Oooh, this is a really good idea

+1 to this. I have so much crap on various characters that looks identical to other stuff and the o my system I’ve used to tell them apart is sticking fire wastes on things I actively use and night stalker camo on things I’m interested in but not done with.

That’s a good idea, might do that

Good idea for what shows up in the stores. Set filters to ignore entire families of weapons or rarities or modifier values. I know the app has things like that. (Don’t show me anything less than 370 for example).

There’s a patch tomorrow that I assume will allow purchasing specific weapons from the shop if comm-link is to be believed

Totally agree on this!

It would certainly help if we had an actually good crafting system, so that we would not need to keep more than 1 of each weapon around.
But even then, it would still be nice to be able to mark favorites, since there are a lot of different weapons.
Preferably, as long as an item is marked as favorite, the “salvage” button should be disabled and greyed out.

However, since this function would not massively reduce player agency and shower us in RNG, i think it is much more likely to get a mod with this function, than it is for FS to do this themselves.

For now I use weapon skins to differentiate weapons I use from those which are work in progress.


Ooooh that would be convenient, currently I am using the little key chains to do this, but it would be nice to actually be able to mark favorites and filter out non-favorites or something

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