We must not be allowed to deconstruct hats

I just noticed my hat in deconstruction menu, what if i accidentally destroy most valuable thing in game? Remove that function please. And yes, we shouldn’t get duplicated hats too.


Heh, most valuable being the one that doesn’t do anything stat-wise (and you don’t even usually see yourself). But yeah, a favourite system to prevent us from destroying items we absolutely want to keep, especially wit the amount of duplicates in every type would be very much appreciated. I think I noticed it being in one mod or another, so when those start getting approved for Official Realm, we could get some solution through that.

I just got a 2nd hat and almost scrapped it immediately because hats show up in the very first available salvage slot. That’s… really bad. I can imagine people have already accidentally scrapped their hats. Hopefully this gets fixed.

How about look more carefully at what your doing rather than rushing through crafting. Not the devs fault you click to fast.

Don’t be ridiculous. The standard procedure for listing salvagable items is in order of power/rarity - the lowest power/rarity items are presented at the beginning, with the highest presented at the end. As such, players are naturally going to get into the habit of selecting the weak, low-power items at the start of the list with a bit less diligence. We all do get into habits like this. (if you say you don’t you’re lying) When the game unexpectedly breaks pattern and lists one of the rarest item types at the beginning, it shouldn’t at all be a surprise that someone’s standard salvage habits are accidentally to destroy their reds.

The tradeoff, of course, being literally nothing. There is no benefit whatsoever to listing hats as the first items. It opens up the door for players to accidentally scrap their valuable new finds if they zone out for even a second, with literally nothing given in return.

Keep in mind, I don’t think either OP or I have actually scrapped a cosmetic. It’s more about the massive alarm bells that should be going off in response to this poor UI function.

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